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  • I was hoping I wouldn't get asked for links, because I can't find the video again. >.< I do still have the algs written down, though, so I could give a detailed description of how to do so. Do you want a way with only one alg, or 5? I use 5, of course. :)
    Jon told me to ask around, and if I can't find anywhere to crash for the night, I'll go home. By train.
    I am very curious. All top minxers use silicon spray, and I'd like to see how diff oil feels on a minx. Could it top mine? :p
    I meant to film an avg12 but then it ran out of memory during the beginning of the 12th solve. Meh. But it was really close though. Did you know that CCT doesn't take into account centisecond? My average was actually 12.996667.
    Aw sig :) reminds me, I started minxing because of David Gugl. I first learned Lancetheblueknight's method, which is Balint's S2L in essence, but done vertically and very slow. Then I stopped. A year later I saw David's video and I didn't know you could solve S2L like that, and Mf8 tiles were so nice, so I decided to start minxing :)
    So you are going. Imma need a lift, you can use my minx in return if we are different groups :D Technically (quoting you) the sanded tiles will allow better grip for sweaty hands, hope you get it.
    When I got it it was a wreck. I tried elongating the springs like Pestvic does but it wasn't worth it and the springs got bent out of shape too easily. So I took a dozen (quite literally, a Megaminx has 12 sides :p) M&G retractable pens (I'll get a pic up if you need it) and replaced it with those springs. I also sanded the tiles with fine sandpaper, and then polished it with plain white paper so that the tiles have some grip on them (David Gugl's idea). Lube? I lubed it with copious amounts of CRC (there are plenty of white stains on the inside) and Maru. I don't even need to lube it nowadays. I didn't sand any pieces, it was just too tedious and I like it the way it is. And then I solve it a lot. Don't forget to even the tensions on every side. The only cons of it is it is too slippery, and I might accidentally turn unwanted faces, and the tiles are still quite slippery, despite the sanded tiles helping, but not much.
    I saw him once, kool dood. He slept during Magic event .____. Then how would you know that I wouldn't like it? I didn't when I had it, so unless it is very much different I'll probably not like it, no offence :)
    My Lubix will come before Cyber Open, I'll lube my SS 5x5. I can't disappoint Amos D: And I didn't go back, I went to eat. Why not? I like the Zhanchi but not when it pops. R' U R' A-perms :angry:
    That is for me, I liked yours. Not as broken in though. I think I did like ~400 solves on yours.
    Lubix is the subsequent order. This is your SS 5x5 and my SS 4x4. Will come right about now, I'll give it to you in school.
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