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    [Help Thread] "What cube is this?" The cube / puzzle identification thread

    Got this a couple of years ago, can't remember what cube it is though
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    In need of a cheap high quality camera

    Next year i am going into my school's A-level college and I am thinking of taking a photography course. In the course info it says that the school provides cameras, but it recomends that we buy our own cameras for better quality pictures and more freedom in use. But I don't want to spend...
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    Bigger 3x3 cubes, for large audience?

    i have one, it turns very smoothly, semi-good corner cutting, all in all, good for larger crowds
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    Rubik's Cube sightings in media

    i'm sure there was a v-cube 7 on his desk on one episode (p.s do you love me?are you playing your love games with me?) ^mighty boosh for those who didn't read his sig.
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    New Method: CFOP

    your friend is right, this is a new method, but with the same acronym
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    [Unofficial] Short movie: Solved

    it's awesome, but also reminds me a bit of 8-bit invasion
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    Magic skills with the cube !! :-)

    why.... (not you radcuber)
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    F-II pops like crazy (help!)

    i've had my F-II since around april, and it hasn't popped yet, maybe it's your cube(like a fault in the production of it)
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    Rubik's Cube sightings in media

    on the gadget show (UK) the giveaway contest included a rubiks slide, also earlier in that show, a rubiks revolution was in the top 5 gadget toys section, it wasn't in the top 5 (obviously), but it was in the shoot
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    Is the war in Iraq really over?

    Did another oil rig just explode in the gulf of mexico?!?
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    Just thought I might share what happens to a F-II smashed into a wall

    my friend did this to me at school, i was solving in front of people and he hit out of my hand and onto the floor, this was just before the lesson started and we were already in the classroom, so i had to reassemble the cubies during the lesson, also looking for some that had gone under tables...
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    Girl throw puppies in a river and film herself

    aparrently /b/ knows who it is
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    Rubik's Cube sightings in media

    dude, you watch iCarly?!?!? you just lost alot of man points
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    Please ignore dumbassery contained within.

    tbh, i thought rowe was more boring than mortens, and introductions are never very interesting, don't be so harsh on the new kid