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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    I return At least for a few minutes to check my unread messages. Looks like this forum is still going strong and, more importantly, I'm still a mod. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I leave Seriously though. To users and mods alike, great job keeping this place alive!
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    Unofficial Competition: Houston Spring 2009

    "You last visited: 05-01-2008 at 05:13 AM" I dug up my account specifically to reply to this thread. I think there's a lot of untapped potential for Houston to be a speedcubing hub, but if there are more of last year's fiascos I don't think people will be willing to travel there to compete...
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    TX competition

    So, I feel bad asking this, but... Are there lots of sub-16 cubers in the Houston area that I just don't know about? Please, please, PLEASE tell me there are. I would like nothing better than to meet "Houston's greatest Rubik's cubers" and have them show me a few things. Doug
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    xbox live

    gamertag: Dog Cannibal games: Halo 3
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    Halo 3

    Yes, I have it. It's amazing. You should definitely get it.
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    Dvorak Switching Discussion

    I agree completely. I've been using dvorak exclusively for three or four years, and I've never had a keyboard with the keys arranged to any keymap other than qwerty. I actually learned by printing out the keymap and keeping it right beneath the keyboard. For practice, I'd open up large...
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    Dvorak Switching Discussion

    Are you saying that you don't notice the difference in key height with or without having switched the keys to dvorak? I ask because even small differences in height/shape are noticeable when you have differently sized keys randomly dispersed around the keyboard. Doug
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    Dvorak Switching Discussion

    Does anyone here know of a good keyboard where all of the alpha keys are the same size and shape? I just got an Avant Stellar keyboard (which is amazing) but even on this the keys seem to be slightly different sizes, which makes rearranging the keys impractical. Doug
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    Mathmo test - give it a go

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    Dvorak Switching Discussion

    Just don't give up on it and you'll catch on soon enough... a buddy of mine switched cold turkey the weekend he had to write an english paper and do an assignment for his Perl class. He is one of my more recent converts... ',.pyf indeed! Doug
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    Dvorak Switching Discussion

    try this: It's full of pro-dv propaganda that you may find useful. Doug
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    Dvorak Switching Discussion

    You would probably easily match (if not surpass) your qwerty speed and error rate with Dvorak if you were to put time into switching. I'm about 15 wpm faster with Dvorak than I ever was with qwerty (110wpm vs 95wpm) with fewer errors. If anything, I would suggest switching because of...
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    Dvorak Switching Discussion

    I've given a bit of thought to learning left-handed dvorak just so I can keep my right hand on my mouse... then I realized I do so much in screen anyway that not keeping both hands on the keyboard actually hinders my ability to navigate :) Doug
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    Dvorak Switching Discussion

    Oh wow. I can't believe I missed this thread :) I have been using Dvorak for more than a few years now. It has _clear_ advantages over Qwerty. I don't think it's correct to claim that Qwerty is "good by accident" -- actually, it's quite bad, whether by accident or by design :) FWIW, I...
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    What do you think of the new style?

    so/so. I like the theme, but the new banner is fugly and doesn't match with the background.