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    Where's the best place to get a stackmat timer?

    I was wondering where was the best place to get a stackmat pack(timer and stackmat?) besides the internet.I want to know if they are in Target or some other store,but not WalMart because my closest one is about 45 minutes away.
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    CalCubeTimer Help?

    What do you mean by that?I've extracted the program CalCubeTimer,and the folder of GuiLayouts,and a folder of profiles onto my desktop.They are all separate on my desktop and not inside 1 folder.
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    CalCubeTimer Help?

    I've downloaded everything needed for it(I think),but I have a problem of when I open it,it just shows the beginning picture and then it closes by itself and nothing else pops up.Any suggestions or help? NVM:Problem solved thanks to SnckDude for helping me.
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    2009 WSSA World Championship - April 18, 19

    Yeah...That sounds kinda overkill there o_o.
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    [Unofficial] 12.46 Average of 5

    What cube are you using o.o,btw I never understanded how roux works but it looks really cool with fast moves.
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    Which Old Type A Would YOU Prefer?

    Yeah,I was going to go with them because it was also cheaper as in cube + shipping prices.
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    Which Old Type A Would YOU Prefer?

    I'm going to order an Old Type A cube (black) soon and I wondered which site you would order it from.It's either going to be at Rubikfans or PuzzleProz since I can only order from Ebay.
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    Cube4you trust?

    Is there really a cube4you on ebay? Because my parents don't order anything else besides ebay,so if there is one can anyone link it to me?Thanks
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    Stickers when washing cube?

    I forgot to mention it was a storebought.I purposely put some vaseline inside so it will loosen the cube up.
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    Stickers when washing cube?

    I was wondering people has said that cleaning out your cube completely will make it faster.I want to do this,but I was wondering if i put soap and water on my cube,will the stickers be messed up?I don't mind if it is messed up minorly,but just usable would be fine.Can anyone clarify this up?
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    Best core

    I don't know what's the "best" core is,but I can tell you that the old type A core is good.
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    Barely Getting Started

    Welcome to the forums and good luck progressing through your times.
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    Also,don't mix lubes. You can try CRC Silicone or Jig-a-loo.
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    Better Times with Worse Cubes?

    I don't know why,but I get better averages on my not-so-smooth glow in the dark type C compared to my smooth Type A.It's pretty weird.Anyone got any ideas why this is happening?I don;t think it's the look ahead or recognition because they are both white or near white.
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    Happy birthday to me?

    Happy Birthday ! I saw you at SF 09