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    How fast is your internet?

    I especially love my ping. Crazy. I get something ungodly when I am on campus.
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    Roux Users

    Yes, I usually get sub-17 averages.
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    How old were you when you started cubing?

    I began when I was 19. Saw a Ron van Bruchem video and had to learn how.
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    Cubing High on Marijuana

    You statistics are useless because they are not a random sample of the population in question (not that I disagree with your point of view though).
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    0MG N3W M3TH0D

    I normally don't laugh at these, but wow. That made me burst out laughing.
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    Is this the most unlucky thing that could happen?

    Hmmmm, I'm leaning towards killing yourself
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    Drunk guy calling me out

    Friendless guy wants attention from cute girl.
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    What is your favorite writing utensil?

    Yep, I'm addicted to those things.
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    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    I say you should experiment with building the first two blocks. I think it is the most difficult to become fast at. That is what I did when first trying out Roux, and I had so much fun I stuck with it.
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    Why doesn't anyone do OLL time attacks?

    Some people have:
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    [Unofficial] 13.48 with NMCMLL & Pseudoblocks

    Typically in a Roux solve, the left and right 1x2x3 blocks are solved such that they have the same bottom colors. In non matching Roux blocks, they are solved such that they don't. Some non matching users choose to just use opposite colors for their blocks (i.e. the bottom color could be...
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    What I need to Improve on

    I am not sure how I can be of much help since you are faster than me and I use a different method, but I will give some advice anyway. Maybe a bump will give you better advice. What are your goals? Are you going for world record speed? If so, might as well learn all the OLLs. Also, your...
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    What are the chances that this would actually help? Edit: Wasn't trying to be rude. Just wanted to link you to a good source.
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    New WCA BLD Regulation

    No, this new rule supercedes that one. The new regulation has taken effect this morning as posted earlier.