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    Sums and ranks/means for the weeklies year 2015 through 2019

    Ouch, lost my 2-year podium streak (for overall sum), still proud of 7th though! Congrats to the winners :)
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    One-Answer Puzzle Theory Question Thread

    How exactly did you end up with 83? The simplest reduction is dividing by 4 to account for the 4 possible AUFs for each case where OLL is solved, which already reduces to 72. (Since doing, say, an H-perm followed by any U move still results in an H-perm.) Now symmetry can be accounted for. Note...
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    Weekly Competition 2020-01

    Perhaps I'll make a video on it soon! It's derived from RedKB's tutorial (I used that years ago when I first got my Curvy Copter) but since then I forgot a lot of that and decided it'd be more fun to derive my own stuff. But yeah, not sure if it should be named after me since I certainly didn't...
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    Weekly Competition 2020-01

    Thanks for checking, you're right haha, I was trying to do RF instead of UR :p Sorry for the trouble!
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    Weekly Competition 2020-01

    Hm, the 4th scramble for Curvy Copter seems to be wrong... at the end there's LB+ UL UF- UR which seems impossible.
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    [Hypothetical] What's the most ridiculous thing you could think of doing at a competition?

    PSA to all cubers: If you're gonna do a cube tower, make it a cube pillar. :p
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    New Events for the Weekly Competition Website for 2020

    +1 for speed FMC +1 for Curvy Copter +1 for 3x3x4 +1 for 3x3x5 I think cuboids are really unique and underappreciated. The solve requires many different steps and concepts that aren't seen on other cubes (this is especially true for 3x3x5), and it'd be great to get an opportunity to speedsolve...
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    World Record Predictions for the year 2030

    3x3: 2.04/3.63 2x2: 0.27/0.84 4x4: 12.80/14.59 5x5: 23.31/25.14 6x6: 49.50/51.09 7x7: 1:16.87/1:20.99 Blind: 9.80/11.13 FMC: 14/17.33 OH: 4.22/5.09 Feet: 10.18/14.77 Clock: 1.98/2.74 Mega: 18.78/21.95 Pyra: 0.69/1.13 Skewb: 0.76/1.19 Sq1: 2.68/3.65 4BLD: 41.22/45.01 5BLD: 1:32.10/1:39.32 MBLD...
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    Trying to learn Full ZBLL

    ZBLL is a big commitment! I'm not saying you can't do it, but I've seen people make the claim time and time again that they're going to learn full ZBLL only to give up after a week. You should definitely go for it if this is something you really want to do, but make sure you understand how much...
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    I would like a cubing channel but....

    What are her reasons for not letting you? There are a lot of valid reasons parents might not want their kids posting so publicly about themselves, but you might be able to compromise depending on how strict her rules are. For example, if she's worried about strangers on the internet being able...
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    What is the longest break you have taken from cubing, and Why?

    I don't know if I've ever gone for more than a day or two without touching a cube since I learned back in 2012. I think I went for a week or so without actually sitting down and timing myself at the start of my first year at university; I remember it feeling really weird to have not *seriously*...
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    7 Unbelievable Facts You DIDN'T Know About DGCubes!

    Nah these are actually all facts! :p
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    How Many Algorithms Do You Have Memorized ?

    Full OLL/PLL and ~40-50 ZBLL/COLL algs puts me around 120. I could probably push myself up to the 151-200 or 201+ range if you count random alternate PLLs and intuitive comms/F2L cases, but I don't like to count intuitive stuff as algs.
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    One-Answer WCA Competition and Regulations Question Thread

    Yup, I've seen it done before quite a few times. :)
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    The megaminx notation

    It was suggested by Stefan Pochmann in 2007 in this thread. You're right that it can't reach all possible states (in fact, it can only reach ~10^21 of the ~10^68 states); that was discussed in this thread.