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    [Help Thread] Curvy Copter Discussion

    Im stuck on the last layer grr I used the alg for the first face because it was impossible to do. You kinda put the two pieces you wanna switch on the L and R face. Now Im confused again with the last layer. Lol, sorry for being such a noob
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    [Help Thread] Curvy Copter Discussion

    Im confused on where to do the alg
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    [Help Thread] Curvy Copter Discussion

    Can I have that "extra" algorithm please? :)
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    [Help Thread] Curvy Copter Discussion

    So now I got up to like the last layer on it but since I jumbled it, a couple of the clove things are in the wrong spot. Like its impossible unless I re-jumble it which then I don't know what I'm doing.
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    [Help Thread] Curvy Copter Discussion

    Im up to the corners right now.. im kinda stuck getting them oriented
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    [Help Thread] Curvy Copter Discussion

    I got it in the mail today and I scrambled it. I got it back into a cube but I have no clue on how to solve this and there are no tutorials ANYWHERE! Any help will be appreciated :)
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    :) still surviving

    :) still surviving
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    TTW Live Competition #1

    TTW: deweyspunkis 2x2, 3x3, magic, master magic, pyraminx
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    [Help thread] DaYan ZhanChi

    Ok well first of all Maru Lube makes your cube SO FAST... The thing is though that it wears out very quickly so your in luck. Just learn to finger trick and your cube will eventually slow down. Btw, I'm assuming your new because your cube is to fast for you so I'm again going to assume you don't...
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    Best Mini 3x3x3

    Micro memory.
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    Should I buy this?

    You should also check out and :P but honestly in my opinion you should get a Lanlan 2x2 OR Vcube 2 (If you have the money go with the vcube), the dayan zhanchi 3x3, the shengshou 4x4 VIII, and the shengshou 5x5 OR Vcube 5 (If you have the...
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    What 4x4x4 should I get?

    I say get the ShengShou VIII its amazingly smooth and it never pops
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    Shengshou 4x4 V-III?

    It doesn't pop guys. I have one and it doesn't so don't worry kinch :P It's a really good cube btw.