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    Hanoi Open 2010

    just amzing!!!!!
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    Hanoi Open 2010

    congrat piti!! That was a really nice solve
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    Hey world :)

    try to find the thread: how to get faster using the fridrich method if u're using fridrich. And welcome :)
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    We have badmephisto and now we have mephisto! Anyway, Welcome and hope u enjoy.
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    Type F vs F-II

    i don't really F. And F2 pops A LOT if i have one i'll just use it for oh
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    Just a speed survey

    kinda! I don't like to do M' as well as the L cause i'm a right hander:fp
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    Ho Chi Minh City Open questions

    it's better if u make this thread in vn forum.
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    Nicee to meet ya ! ;)
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    Den- My name's Dan Hil- nothing!!!
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    solving advice?

    it takes me about 3-4s to finish 2 look oll. Try to have a 2s avg of the cross. f2l +cross: 10-12s on avg.
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    [Unofficial] 7.08 nonlucky single

    many People are now getting a 7.08 solve at home!!
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    Stuck in sub-1:00...

    Recomend u:
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    A couple questions

    Just do the alg over and over again. They all have somethings in common. I do each alg about 5 times then i remember. It's not that hard at all!
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    hey guy's im new here

    welcome. At first it was also hard for me to use the site. Anyway, i recomend u the how to get faster using the fridrich method thread (if you are using fridrich). Good luck!!!;)