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    Thoughts on "Christian Cuber" or "Atheist Cuber" signatures

    Oh! So that explains why pious Christians are so... um nevermind.
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    How to get off the glue

    Ice cream works really well. Don't use Ben and Jerry's, they're too chunky. Use Haagen Dazs instead. It's works well as lube too. Seriously though, any organic solvent would work fine. Alcohol, oils, even silicon spray. I use lighter fluid and it leaves the cube smooth with just a few wipes.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    I haven't been reading the threads recently so forgive me if this has been asked before. If you go to the V-Cubes website you'll see that they have pictures of new V-Cubes, the V2-4, 6b, 8-11. Are these renders just there to show how far their V-cube patent can go or are they actually going to...
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    V-Cube at Singapore

    They sell V-Cubes at Comics Connection. They are in various shopping malls throughout the country. Go Google it up. :)
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    How to find a sabotaged piece?

    Why do you need to take whole cube apart when you can just disassemble and reassemble the top layer? Usually turning around one edge piece works. If you still can't solve it just rearrange the necessary corner pieces.
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    Looking for Stackmat timer and mat (was: hi)

    hi Why did the chicken cross the road?
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    Religion thread... with a catch

    I shan't really go into the argument because I find it a huge waste of time. But I'd just like to say this: Science is supported by physical evidence and experiments and observations. We don't simply believe in something because some group tells us it is so, we understand reality from...
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    the last supper

    [email protected] people arguing based on mere opinion
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    PC vs. Mac, the dreaded debate

    Point taken. What are you talking about? If you were to take a Mac and PC with exactly the same hardware specs with OS X installed on both of them, you'd get equal performance. I mean, same hardware, same software, the only difference between them is that one has an Apple logo and the other...
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    Haiku Thread

    Wow. Fascinating. This is most enjoyable. Like blueberry pie.
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    PC vs. Mac, the dreaded debate

    Sorry to disappoint you, but raw processing power isn't all about RAM. When I say raw processing power I'm referring to CPU and GPU. The current CPUs and GPUs in the market today (for PCs) are significantly more powerful than those in Macs. And yes, even the Mac Pro. I've been a Mac fanboy...
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    PC vs. Mac, the dreaded debate

    When Vista came out I became a Mac fanboy. When Windows 7 came out I went back to using Windows PCs. Mac OS X is pretty lightweight, but it doesn't have the Windows programs I've grown so accustomed to, especially games. Oh and WinPC hardware tends to be much more powerful. When it comes to raw...
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    Don't Blink, card trick performed by rubixcubematt

    I know this trick. It's nice if you were to record it, but it's quite hard to perform live.
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    Rubik's Cube at olympics

    If speedcubing is to become an event at the Olympics, why not cup stacking? Or skateboarding? Or speedtexting, speedeating and speeddrinking for that matter?
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    Quiting-Selling All Stuff

    Unless you really need the money, I don't think it's worth selling away your cubes. Think about how much nostalgia they'll bring 10,20,30 years down the road when you pick up one of your cubes and start solving it. Personally, I don't cube on a regular basis anymore. I do a few solves every now...

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