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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    (For BR slot) Is the r' U' R U M' insert better than y U R U' R' (can also be used as partial edge control)?
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    How to practice

    When you average around 1-min or less, use CFOP. Practice F2L and cross, and use 4 look layer for now.
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    How to practice

    Get a good cube, slowly work your way up. Do blindfolded cross (you can do 1-4 edges, depending on what you CAN do), and f2l pairs. You should start learning full PLL and use 2-look OLL.
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    [OcR] Jack Cai - 17.04 3BLD Single (WR2)

    Why didn't you use your foot to kick the cup?
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    Lowering my times

    Can you record a solve? I went from sub-30 to 20 in a week. Practice doing your cross and f2l pairs blindfolded. Same with last layer.
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    [Help Thread] Finger Tricks

    Should I use pinky or ring for the ending F'? Which one is faster? Pinky feels more natural. (This is j-perms video.)
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    [Member Intro] Hey!

    I swear you copied my format and title... could be just a coincidence. Anyway, welcome! :D Whats your main cube?
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    [Member Intro] Hey!

    Well, I saw the Cubicle speedcubing documentary and that motivated me to take it on.
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    [Help Thread] WCA Sticker Rules?

    Hey. Sometimes I hear that stickerless cubes are banned in some events, and some corroded stickers are not allowed in some countries. Could someone clarify and explain some of the WCA sticker rules? I've never been to a competition before so I'm not sure...
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    [Member Intro] Hey!

    Hello! I'm David from Australia. I currently average 30-40 seconds on 3x3, sub-10 on 2x2 and sub-1 min on pyraminx. I've been cubing since 2014, but I stopped in 2015 and returned at the end of 2017.

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