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    Man, I wish I could order the 2 new Moyu cubes (pyraminx and AoShi) but I don't have enough money
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    Shengshou or AoChuang?

    The MoYu AoChuang has just recently come out. Does everyone agree that the AoChuang is better than the shengshou?
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    Best 4x4?

    Aosu or Shengshou
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    3x3 Battle: Round 2

    Fine I'll continue from this topic
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    3x3 Battle: Round 2

    I vote... 1.AoLong v1 2.dayan ZhanChi 3. MoYu WeiLong 4. Shengshou Aurora.
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    3x3 Battle: Round 2

    Okay so round 1 has ended. Here are the new matches. Comment your vote. Make sure to follow and list the right #s. 1.MoYu AoLong vs MoYu AoLong V2 2.DaYan ZhanChi vs DaYan GuHong V2 3.MoYu WeiLong vs Fangshi Shuangren V2 4.Gans3(v1) vs Shengshou Aurora.
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    3x3 Battle! Round 1

    Okay voting period is over. Here are the winners. AoLong AoLong V2 DaYan ZhanChi DaYan GuHong V2 I will post round 2 soon in a new topic
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    3x3 Battle! Round 1

    I know, I'm just seeing what everyone else likes
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    3x3 Battle! Round 1

    My votes... 1) MoYu AoLong 2) MoYu AoLong V2 3) DaYan ZhanChi 4) DaYan GuHong
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    3x3 Battle! Round 1

    Hello, I am doing this to see which cubes I should get. So basically, I will list 8 different 3x3s which will compete. They are the MoYu AoLong, MoYu WeiLong, MoYu AoLong V2, Fangshi Shuangren V2, Dayan ZhanChi, Gans 3, Dayan GuHong V2, and the Shengshou Aurora. Each forum topic, cubes will...
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    MoYu AoLong v2 [new batch/enhanced] Review

    Well done! Feels like a movie, where it takes a whole day to film and you get so little of actual film. In other words, it looks like you spent a ton of time making this! [emoji106]Thumbs Up!
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    Dayan 2x2 vs WitTwo V1

    I didn't release yet, right?
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    Shengshou Aurora 2x2

    Oh thecubicle says September 1st
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    MoYu AoChuang

    I know. Is that user actually MoYu? I doubt it.
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    Shengshou Aurora 2x2

    When was this released?