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    Fingertricks of a 3-style commutator

    I have an Excel sheet from a Youtuber which has a list of all 3-style commutators for the UFR buffer. The alg for UFL-DFL (D-U) is [R' U' R: [F2', R' U R U']], but I'm a bit confused on how I'm supposed to execute this alg.
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    [Help Thread] Blindfolded discussion and help

    I use Orozco/M2, with an average of 23sec Corners memo, 14sec Edges memo, and 40sec Execution. I've been thinking of switching to 3-style for corners but I feel like what's really hindering my time is how slow my memo is, since I've seen people being able to reach sub-1 with OP/M2 since their...
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    Color Neutral: Yes, No, Tried and Quit, Never Tried

    I'm not color neutral on all colors but I'm dual color neutral on yellow/white. I started with white and after I became sub-20, getting a bad cross gets quite annoying since it happens a lot so having two options to choose from makes it better. Doesn't necessarily mean I check both colors every...