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    US Nationals 2016 - July 29 - 31, Portland, Oregon

    Wow. Just finished my registration at 2 spots left. 1 spot now :)
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    Athens Spring 2016 – March 19th, 2016 – Athens, GA

    If the soft cutoff is 5:00 for every event, this will cause a Music City Winter 2016 4x4 Round 1 (Soft cutoff 2:45 :P)
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    When are we having a comp in North Carolina?

    Ah, I guess my defense of the DC area dried my humor. #BarrowAlaskaBestCityForComps And 100th post ftw
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    When are we having a comp in North Carolina?

    The thing is, Maryland is a great hub for cube-comps. There are comps within the state and in reasonable driving distance such as Virginia, Cleaveland, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Probably at least 1 or 2 comps per month on average. Some other parts of the country aren't nearly...
  5. D - High Quality Puzzles, Custom-Cut Stickers, Premium Lubricants & More!

    if you have questions, send them a message on the website. If it has rush processing, it should ship out by tomorrow.
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    Qiyi SQ-1 uneven layers

    i have this issue, too. The top layer is sluggish and the bottom is fast. It is very noticable during the solve.
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    Yuxin 4x4 transformation

    Yeah, stock tensions can change it all. :confused: I guess the feel is way more like an AoSu now.
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    Yuxin 4x4 transformation

    So I've had my Yuxin for a while and I see that it has some problems. Inner layers too slow corner cutting tensions very generic idk.... Well, after like 400-500 solves, I decided that I should probably mod it. So heres what I did in order: Sanded down all edges and centers broke in lubed...
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    Peach State Winter 2016 - February 6th, 2016

    Well, I think i've modded my Yuxin 4x4 into a perfectly tensioned AoSu soooo sub 1:15 avg As for Clock, If my LingAo is comp illegal I need to borrow someone or it will be like D N F Average
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    MinimalisTimer released!

    make an option for all event WCA scrambles
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    Peach State Winter 2016 - February 6th, 2016

    It turns really nice, but how can I get a comp legal clock? I think BaiTai sucks and rubiks is almost extinct
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    Peach State Winter 2016 - February 6th, 2016

    yeah, lingao sucks
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    Racing to sub-15

    Round 32 AO12: 14.79 3/3. I graduate. Time for sub-12. Times: 1. 11.07 2. 15.57 3. 17.62 4. 15.39 5. 13.30 6. 15.04 7. 16.03 8. 18.30 9. 13.48 10. 14.37 11. 13.88 12. 13.21
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    Peach State Winter 2016 - February 6th, 2016

    You can borrow mine :3
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    New Cube Called TT-70 or T-70?

    What store is this that sells non rubik's brand cubes?