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    Flash cards... in case no one has made this before

    I went through and made 5x3 pages in MS word 2013 that has a picture and title of all the PLLs with the second page blank so you can write down whatever alg you need to practice. The pictures are color and should be able to rotate if you're working on the alg from a different angle. Hope this...
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    Choosing algorithms

    Query, When going through algorithm lists and trying to find a new algorithm, what do you look for in a new algorithm? Having used the same PLL (badmephisto's) for the past decade or so I haven't really looked at different pll's because they all seem to be slower than what I use, even the...
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Different methods when solving bigger puzzles? Recently I started learning the Roux method, for fun mostly but to also better understand the cube in general. My question is, should I still use CFOP as my main solving method since I'm getting into 4x4 and 5x5(kind of) since once the edges are...
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    Do you believe this method was suitable?

    Thanks for all the feedback! I can't believe I forgot the basics of an experiment, which you guys have shown me :p @ace - I fall in and out of really getting into speedcubing since I'm in college and a musician. I've mainly done a lot of reading on here.
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    Do you believe this method was suitable?

    I just conducted my own little experiment to see which 3x3x3 cube I own is my "best". The four different models I own are: Panshi v1, Guhong (v2 I think, maybe v3 (if that exists? I forget)), Zanchi (white), and a Shuangren v1. For my experiment I completed 12 solves in a row on each cube, with...
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    Speedcubing in Washington State

    I live in Vancouver, WA; It's cool to know some other cubers live in WA besides me lol.