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    Transaxle Idea!

    Well, I had a theory that on this forum, no thread could go a single page and stay on topic. Guess I'm right. I hate it when I'm right.
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    Siticker laminate on store bought

    Let me state again: Peel off laminate. Rub off color. Use Crayola Marker or Sharpie to replenish color. Put scotch tape/other clear tape over sticker. Use. Enjoy. If the whole sticker is unusable, use white paper+marker, or colored paper. Cut it a little smaller than you think you'll need it to...
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    Which is the better magic?

    I bought my Magic at Target around Christmas time. They come in and out of Targets and Walmarts in those seasons, even in small towns like mine. Nope, and you don't need to.
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    What's the difference between a normal Rubik's Cube and a 25th Anniversary cube?

    One word: Quality. Mine had white stickers, but it's my main speedcube (textured tiles now) and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. It's just better quality. Turns really smoothly, never pops (maybe 5 times in the last 4 years)... what more could you ask for?
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    How Did You Find Out About V-Cubes?

    It was around 2004 I started looking around for bigger cubes and stumbled upon the Olympicube. I'd been tracking its development ever since. Talk about a long wait =P
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    What are the qualities you look for/like in a cube?

    To answer the original question: I like cubes that don't pop at all (I'm very rough with them) and don't lock up. I don't care for cutting corners very much at all; locking up is more a problem for me. I like the sides to turn quickly as well, but doesn't everyone?
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    Are studio cubes good?

    I've got an 80's 3x3 and a 1982 4x4, and they're both amazing at speedsolving. The 3x3 was a real pain to do anything with, even with breaking in, but some silicone lube quickly made it one of my favorites. The 4x4 studio cube I have is excellent. With Thrawst's 4x4 "Squircle" mod (you can find...
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    Siticker laminate on store bought

    I've always just put scotch tape over the laminate that's peeling to hold it on better. You could also peel it off, color with magic marker, and put clear tape back over it. Did that with a blue sharpie on one of mine, and it looked fine. But yeah, cubesmith tiles are the way to go if you've...
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    Last Layer with 3 Faces

    I did fused-cube solves for fun, and if you know all the right-handed algs that use F,R, and U only, you can mirror them with a U' , rotate the cube so that R becomes F, and mirror it with your new F U and L. Worst comes to worst, do a 4L-LL, but it's not usually necessary. It can be done very...
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    Dallas Meetup?

    How long are you there? There are a lot of students starting classes in the area (several universities), like myself, around the 20th. I'm moving up there around that time for school and would love to attend.
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    Transaxle Idea!

    I tried making an account there a month ago, and they never got around to activating my account. I guess I come across as an ad-spamming bot =P
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    What's Wrong With This Magazine Cover?

    I think you give yourself too much credit. I'm sure there are plenty of "average people" that would see it's unsolvable. It looks like nothing you really see on a real cube.
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    Type F deterioration problem: Solved!

    Maybe make molds of the original Type F pieces and cast a new cube with stronger plastic? Or is the softness of the plastic part of what makes the Type F so great?
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    Transaxle Idea! I don't know if any of you guys are familiar with yoyo's, bu a transaxle is an axle that goes between the yoyo string and the axle...
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    Magic - Alignment

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but after solving the Rubik's Magic so many times, the pieces don't line up perfectly anymore. The piece (in the default rectangular position) that is on the bottom, second from the right, is shifted down about an eighth of an inch, and a few other...