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    2019 Cubing New Years Resolutions / Goals

    3x3: sub 15 2x2: sub 4 4x4: sub 1 min 5x5: sub 2 min sq1: sub 1 min bld: learn have: fun
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    What's your PB 3x3 single?

    10.84, but I feel like I'm due for a really lucky sub-10 solve soon
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    [AsR] 3x3- Leo Borromeo 6.37 average and NR 5.12 single

    This kid is insane. Congrats!
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    Is 20-ish seconds good for a kid?

    Time doesn't matter, as long as you have fun while being there. When I went to my first comp, I averaged about 30 seconds, so you'd definitely be good.
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    We need better judges.

    I agree, one judge was talking to me during my solve (distracting in the first place) and told me that I should DNF the solve because I messed up the cube accidentally because of my nerves. He also wrote my time down incorrectly for that solve. I just think that the judging training session...
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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    L' B2 U' B2 D2 L2 B2 D F2 U2 F2 U' B' D2 L' R F L U' Inspection // y xCross // R D2 R' L2 U2 B2 U R B' U2 R' D2 F2L - 1 // U L U2 L2 U' L F2L - 2 // L U2 L' F2L - 3 // d' R U R' U R U' R' 1st look OLL // F R U R' U' F' 2nd look OLL // R U R' U R U2 R' PLL // U' M2' U' M U2 M' U' M2' U' Next...
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    [Member Intro] Hey

    I've been cubing for around a year and a half, and wanted to join a forum. I'm from the pacific northwest area.