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    1LastSolve's Improvement Thread

    I'm sure learning ZBLL would help.
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    Color Neutral Debate

    Because having less moves, it has greater room for improvement (Just imo). Also this(LOLS)
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    Is cubing (already) your addiction?

    I dunno cos everything that seems fun to me is "addictive".
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    Color Neutral Debate

    There isn't a best method, but Roux is better than the other methods from what I've seen.
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    Color Neutral Debate

    Tbh I'll rather master one color than be a jack of all trades and a master of none (Sorry If I misused it). I'm not really sure if being CN is worth it, but I'm too lazy to change my cross colors (Just like how Roux is clearly the best method but I'm too lazy to change too).
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    You know you are a speedcuber when...

    You know you're a speedcuber when you try to solve a Rubik's cube or it's variants as fast as you can.
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    New To Blindfolded Cubing

    What about PRACTICE?
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    [Unofficial] Dennis Strehlau - 6x6x6 BLD

    Crazy reaction!
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    [Unofficial] Maxim Chechnev on "Ukraine's Got Talent" show. Final.

    So apparently you're allowed to cheat in comps like this? If cheating is allowed in Ukraine's Got Talent, then you've proved us wrong and we shouldn't be whining about how unfair it is to other contestants and how it ruins cubing's image.
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    [Unofficial] Maxim Chechnev on "Ukraine's Got Talent" show. Final.

    Nice, but why are there quotation marks around cheating? :confused:
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    YddEd (Roux) vs BR (CFOP) Race to sub 20

    Yeah but he checks the off-topic forum pretty often. OT: Who is BR? Brest? Brandon Rodgers? Blasting rockets?
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    Would a $590m Lotto Win Be Enough for You?

    I'll give them to my parents.
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    [Unofficial] Maxim Chechnev on "Ukraine's Got Talent" show. Final.

    It's called "Ukraine's got TALENT". You're supposed to showcase your talent, not cheat, cos anybody without talent could do this ( If they know how to turn a cube) via cheating.
  14. cxinlee Glitchy?

    Happened to me once. I logged out and it was solved