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    Cyclone Boys G4 Modifications

    Hello, My G4 feels really sluggish. I am not afraid to modify a cube, so I came here. Does anyone know what could help speed it up? I just filed down each corner at about 45 degrees to help corner cutting, I don't know what they are called, and next will be the edges. I don't know what, if...
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    MF3RS2M, Yuxin Little Magic M or Yuxin Huanglong M?

    I have a Mf3RS and I don't think that cube will turn quick enough to be 11 seconds. I don't have a huanglong, but I know theYuxin Little Magic would be good. With no lube, it it light and lightning quick. I added the Angsrom lubes and it is perfect for me, if anything, I need to slow it down a...
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    New 5x5 method Idea

    Okay, I figured there was a reason people didn't do that, but I was just checking. I hope more Indy cubers respond. Maybe we could all meet on a Sunday in Fall!
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    New 5x5 method Idea

    I am trying to learn 5x5 and while doing so, it seemed that the corners, centers, and middle edge pieces stayed in 3x3 solvable position. If so, could one create 2x2x2 corners and 1x2x2 edge pieces and solve without parity?