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    Reduction for Roux

    I've been solving 4x4 and 5x5 a lot recently, but it bothers me because when I use reduction I end up using CFOP or wasting time on the M slices. Is there a way to have a method that is similar to roux for bigger cubes?
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    How many of you are color neutral?

    I use Roux and I solve with white or yellow on bottom and with any color on the left and right. (so noob doesnt know which sides x2, y2 are)
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    Moyu Weilong v3? Moyu AoLong

    It looks like a zhanchi with a better antipop
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    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    lean the top layer against the table when you do Ms and use your ring finger to push it.
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    [Canadian NR] Sarah Strong - Skewb single 6.08 (+ the rest of the average) here is just the facepalm
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    Fantasy Cubing 2014 (New Website!)

    I am so proud of mySLEF i am not last!!
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    Speedcubing in Georgia, USA

    I could
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    What puzzle do you think the WCA should add next?

    I think they should add Team Factory.
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    2013 Forum Awards

    Best new cubing meme: I can do it faster on ...
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    Your Collection... Post here

    1 cubetwist square 1 1 qj super square 1 1 mirror cube not sure which 1 wittwo v1 1 dayan guhong v2 1 dayan zhanchi 1 SS 5x5 1 SS 4x4 1 Rubiks 4x4 2 Rubiks 3x3 1 SS pyraminx 1 Dayan Megaminx about $140
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    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    When you do roux are you usually color neutral?
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    Designing on pencil and paper

    thank you very helpful
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    Designing on pencil and paper

    I have had some ideas for designing a cube, but i am not good at all at 3d designing. I am also pretty new to cubing and I am not sure if these ideas are any good. Will it work to draw these designs out??