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    One-Answer 4x4 Question Thread

    In your other thread, you were saying you could not understand the tutorials and algorithms. This would most likely be a little harder to understand, as no one is explaining anything and there would just be letters on a screen.
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    How To Fix This On 4x4?

    If I were you, I would solve as much of it as you can, until you get back to the two swapped edges. Like DGCubes said, tutorials aren't going to always make 100% sense and sometimes you will have to do the best you can and figure something out on your own. If tutorials always worked, then...
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    How do you know the screw is broken?
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    Accomplishment coins

    That's a really good idea. The U.S. Navy has some money they can spend, bu the WCA doesn't get funded by the government, and they would have to make TONS of coins every weekend after a competition. I think on your WCA profile is a good idea, but not physical coins.
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    [Help Thread] RSC

    I guess I don't understand why everybody is saying how horrible it is for this kid to buy the RSC. Just let him buy it if he wants to, its not our choice to make for him.
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    [Help Thread] RSC

    I actually like the RSC. It feels good to turn and he might not outgrow it. It is durable, a lot of cubes that are more expensive than it break easier, and don't turn as well. I would let him buy it.
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    [Help Thread] RSC

    If your friend thinks he need a tiled cube, then he probably has not had much experience with cubing, and is not some insanely fast speedcuber. If this is the case, the RSC is probably almost perfect for him, even though it is not as good as other speedcubes.
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    buy lube and wash all of the pieces really well The same thing happened to my yuxin 5x5. You just have to learn how to lube it.
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    why is cfop "the best method"

    CFOP is so much easier to get fast at because everybody uses it. with Roux and ZZ, you have to find little tricks on your own, but with CFOP, everything is done for you, so there is not much you have to figure out yourself.
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    [Help Thread] Should I keep using CFOP or switch?

    Now is the time to ry out different methods. You have experience with CFOP but you aren't that fast yet, and if you think you would like to try a different method, try it now and see which one you like best, that way you aren't stuck with a method you hate. If you are perfectly fine with CFOP...
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    Bad habits and non-optimal ways to blindsolve worth preempting?

    Well, for your main method, do OP/M2 If you want to do 4 and 5 bld you will need to know M2 and it is good to be comfortable with it.
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    I'm nearly sub 30. How do I make that constant?

    If you really want consistent times, just do a bunch of solves. Then, your times should be more consistent, and you can practice things like color neutrality, and once you learn that, do solves to make your times more consistent.
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    2018 New Year's Resolutions / Goals

    I don't care about singles, only averages
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    Cubing generations

    Probably the 5th generation. I started around 2013.
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    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    Probably one of the best and most underrated things that you should practice is inspection time. When you can inspect to your first pair, cross to f2l transition can be seamless, and it makes f2l lookahead easier. You don't need to inspect your entire cross and first pair right now, In fact you...