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    Weekly competition 2007-18 (2, 3, 3OH, 4, 5, BF)

    4x4 BLD take two: DNF Attempted this last night but didn't get a chance to post it. I messed up something with the centers; as a result, the centers were off and quite a few edges were off. I had an attempt the other night that had just two pieces swapped, so hopefully I'll get a succesful...
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    has anybody ever heard of this?

    lol, I believe that was stolen from the wikipedia article on the rubik's cube. I pointed that out on the talk page, but nobody has responded.
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    Weekly competition 2007-18 (2, 3, 3OH, 4, 5, BF)

    4x4 attempt 1: DNF I don't quite understand exactly why it is that my 4x4 DNFs are so bad...I think my commutators are totally off. I have to work on that. This was a horrible DNF, by the way, and was nowhere remotely close. Took 45 minutes, 30 of which were execution.
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    Weekly competition 2007-18 (2, 3, 3OH, 4, 5, BF)

    3x3 Avg: 28.34 (27.78) 28.87 (30.69) 28.19 27.97 Meh. Not such a great average for me; I'm on average a second or two faster. 3x3 OH: 1:12.90 1:12.86 (1:37.28) 1:13.11 (51.75) 1:12.75 Second solve was completely awful: I messed up the cross, had a horrible F2L and a horrible LL. 4th solve...
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    How to orient edges effieciently?

    For me, with orienting edges in the UDFB group, I would say to do R' F x2 z (R' F R F')x5 z' x2 F' R. I would do it the same way as you for UDLR. I memo EO after EP and CP. Memo is around 5-10 seconds, execution around 10-15. I'm averaging in the mid-4's right now, with my PB in the upper 3's.
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    cool paterns

    M2 E2 S2 M E M' E' M2 E M2 E' M F2 E2 F2 M' S2 R2 B2 R2 L2 B2 L2 Figured those out just by playing with my cube and using intuition. It's interesting when you combine the center paterns with other patterns (sometimes).
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    Weekly competition 2007-17 (2, 3, 3OH, 4, 5, BF)

    3x3 Avg: 24.98 25.46 (22.09) 22.19 27.28 (31.15) Still Sub-25 :) Got lucky, actually; I knew the OLLs for the first three (I only know 20 OLL cases), and two of them were the same, easy case. 3x3 OH Avg: 1:08.6 1:14.59 1:01.65 1:09.56 (46.21) (1:25.75) Sweet. I almost never practice OH, and...
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    Weekly competition 2007-16 (2, 3, 3OH, 4, 5, BF)

    3x3 Avg = 24.14 26.16 (21.87) (26.17) 22.04 24.22 Those are some awesome times! Sub-25 and possibly a new PB! (can't remember what my PB is; have to look it up). I continued this and got sub-25 RA!!! 3x3 BLD DNF DNF Second had 4 mis permutated edges. Grr. These two were right after I set a...
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    Alright, time to put together a more structured list. By the end of June Sub-3 or 3.5 BLD sub-23 or so 3x3 Avg (I would like sub-20, but it's not going to happen) sub-2:30 4x4 (I stink at it :\) Do a 2 cube multi-blindfold (just tried and failed miserably) Solve 4x4 BLD By the beginning of...
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    Ideally, a month from now I'll be averaging sub-20. I'd also like to get sub-3 BLD by then for the 3x3. For the 4x4, I'd like to get decent times (such as averaging, say, sub-150); same with the 5x5. I'd also like to get down to sub 1.4 or so on the Magic (even though it's broken right now <_<...
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    Weekly competition 2007-15 (2, 3, 3OH, 4, 5, BF)

    3x3 Avg: 29.4 27.58 28.21 (37.91) 32.41 (24.95) Tried something new on the third one (and you can see how it went :rolleyes: ) and messed up the F2L for the fourth. Ah well...wasn't terrible 3x3 Blindfolded: 6:22.39 DNF I think I messed up edge permutation on the second one. It was six...
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    Any CTYers out there?

    CTY: Center for Talented Youth. One of the most awesome summer camps out there. Anyone here a cty almnus? Anyone going to Lancaster session 1 this year? ;) The reason I ask is because many people at Lancaster can solve the cube, some better than others. In addition, cubers...
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    new cubes! Glad to see you're happy with your order. I think I'm definitely going to be placing an order at cube4you soon; everyone keeps talking about how good the cubes are :P
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    Canadian Open - New BLD WR!

    Haha, yes, I noticed that in the results. Best WCA-recognized cuber in the whole continent! Congrats to Harris on winning with an impressive average. I wish I had someone paying for me to go to Hungary. *hint* *hint* :P
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    A Collection of Algorithms

    24 moves.. for a 2 gen Z-perm? You might as well do 2 11 move 3-cycles with 1 move canceling out to get 21 moves ;). [/b] Heh, yes, I know that nobody in their right mind would ever use them. I was playing around with the R' U R U' fingertrick. By the way, I notice that one of my favorite...