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    How Do I Fill Piece?

    I Have just cut all the pieces for my octagon barrel but I need to fill them now. I have heard about epoxy sculpt and have searched in local DIY stores and cant find any. So where can I buy it online (links to the item would be good), i looked on amazon but I cant sort the wheat from the...
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    Why does cubing hold our interest?

    Good, If you would of punched him, its not like he wouldn't of deserved it!
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    What is your favorite cube / puzzle?

    2x2: Eastsheen Black 3x3: C4Y White Speed Cube Pyraminx: C4Y
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    Hey cubers (if thats the name for cube solvers?)

    I am from the uk, essex
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    Why does cubing hold our interest?

    :| That must of been SOOOOOOO annoying!
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    Why does cubing hold our interest?

    All I ever get is: 'How do you do that, TEACH ME NOW!' & 'Only Nerds can do that!' Im like: 'only clever people (obviously not you) can do it!' Now I hardly ever take my cube into school because of the constant idiots who call it nerdy and stupid. I cube because it is fun and you...
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    cube 4 you cubes?

    Well For DIYS [In My Opinion]: Type A For the Ready built speed cube: The White C4Y Cube
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    Hey cubers (if thats the name for cube solvers?)

    Use: Super Glue PVA Glue - Not sure about this, should work
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    help me on deciding what to buy

    Cube For You White Speed Cube
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    Hi, My PR is 57.xx and I am trying to get better. So I am on a website learning Fridrich F2l and it has notations like y and m. What do these mean. I know R R' U U' D D' L L' Can you please help me and tell me all the notations so I can learn fridrich and oll and pll. Thanks
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    Looking to buy great quality 3x3 cube, suggestions please

    Good DIY's (In my opinion): Type A (Old Type) Type E (listed as Diansheng) Other Good Cubes: C4Y White Speed Cube Puzzle Proz Cubes Links To Cube Shops:
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    Hey cubers (if thats the name for cube solvers?)

    Well as for the tile problem, by new good tiles or stickers from or Yeah, it will be a god idea to just clean the cube and spray CRC, Jigaloo - Whatever Silicone You want - WD 40 Doesn't work for me. To get rid of the glue get some sand paper and just...
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    Why do you start speed cubing?

    I have only just got into cubing and My pr is in my signature. 57.xx. i am starting to learn a speedcubing method (fridrich). I want to learn a speedcubing method because some people say that I am way slow when they cant even do it themselves, and basically I just wanna get faster and stop...
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    I really want to learn full fridrich. I know its a very common speedcubing method and that is effective for lots of people. So basically I have a few questions: 1. How many F2l, Pll, Oll algs are there to learn? 2. What is an easy and effective way of learning and memorizing the algs? 3...
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    How to Make a 3x3x4 Extended

    Oops yes it should do XD