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    Competition to celebrate new ao5 World Record. 500 USD prize pool

    I was going to ask the same thing. Thanks though for letting us know and for doing this. Much appreciated.
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    Cubing on youtube is over with COPPA

    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Phil from the Cubical know law/went to law school?
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    [Unofficial] Feliks Zemdegs vs Max Park - Red Bull World Cup 2019

    Does anyone know if that scramble protector that the scrambler is using, is something that competitions will be able to use for the "Scramble secrecy" regulations that the WCA seems like they will be enforcing? And what I mean is even something a little bigger to cover more area.
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but from what I have read on GitHub, the survey's are something that they are working on still, and will be released within the next few months (maybe once they get the WCA forums up and running).
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    [Help Thread] Colour Neutral Transition Thread

    You sound like me when I switched to full CN last year. My tip would be to keep practicing on all colors and overtime you will get back to 16, 15, 14etc. Something else that I would say to try is solve on any side other then White and Yellow, and once you get to 16 or so on the four other...
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    [Help Thread] 2x2 Discussion and Help

    Yeah it sounds like a corner twist. The best way to fix it is to solve the white face, do a alg to get the 3 yellows on top and the one yellow corner that is not on top, twist that corner to put yellow on top. Please not though that when you twist the corner, be very careful as if it i to tight...
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    GitHub for possible WCA regulation changes

    As many of you know the WCA has a GitHub section in which they do a lot of talking and thought about pretty much everything WCA related (especially regulation changes). My reason for this post/thread is to try and encourage people that have thoughts...
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    3x3 With Feet Getting Removed

    So although this link: is intended for the idea of creating Tiers for events in the WCA, most of the talk in that link is related to 3x3 FT and if it should be relegated to a class 2 tier or be removed altogether, and as you will see several...
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    What should be fair cutoffs for competitions.

    So after the recent competition I organized and having talked to some of the competitors and delegate, I am a bit more for stricter cutoff times for competitions. And here are some reasons (most of which the delegate mentioned) but that make sense. Also, these ideas are not fully mine, but...
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    Just came across this video on the WCA youtube channel and really thought it was great, and thought it would be good to share. Also, I am hoping that they do more soon, even though almost all of that is on Github but still for people that don't want to read/go through everything, the video is a...
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    Cubing in Colorado

    Maybe. That will depend on the schedule and what makes the most sense.
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    Cubing in Colorado

    I agree, but who have you meet that is mean?
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    Cubing in Colorado

    Hey @EngineeringBrian thank you for stopping in and saying hi. Really glad to to meet you. Is your cousin local as well? Also what events do you do? and what is your favorite event?
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    Cubing in Colorado

    Cool, I need to relearn FMC as well. Also, if we can have that comp, there will be 3x3 BLD, 4x4 BLD, 5x5 BLD, 3x3 MBLD, and FMC...with maybe a random event as well.
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    Tips and Advice for organizing and improving cubing competitions throughout the world.

    My apologies for the delay in responding to your post, but thank you for the post. I do agree that sometimes it is hard to get a scrambler that you or someone (such as the delegate trust), but for the most part you can find at least one one person. However, something that I was just talking to...