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    How could I fix a popping meffers pyraminx?

    I had to do the second explanation that you said, and my core's threading got worn down, so twist the loose sides counterclockwise and see if they unscrew. If they don't then you are good for now, and if they do, then glue the screw into the core. Be careful that you don't glue any other pieces...
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    Fort Lee Winter 2009 (NJ)

    Im going! I can't wait to solve 6x6 as an unofficial event!
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    [Unofficial] 6x6 Upsidedown 9 minutes

    it depends if you're used to being upside down, but my head started to hurt a little while finishing the cross. 18 minutes may be a little too long, so about 10-12 minutes may be the longest you could go upside down.
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    [Unofficial] 6x6 Upsidedown 9 minutes

    I did, now its fixed
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    [Unofficial] 6x6 Upsidedown 9 minutes

    here's my 6x6 solve upsidedown in 9:44.43 with awesome Rush music!
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    How To Cut Tiles For The V-Cubes

    Thanks for putting these on the forum, Ive been planning on doing this
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    Your Parents and Cubing

    My friends(most of them) cube, or solve it every once in a while, but that is not the main thing that I do when I see them. My parents are fine with it, as long as I don't play with any cube at meals. My brother will sometimes watch me, but he doesn't like it that much.
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    Cube Hybrids/Combo's Discussion

    For me, I use: a really good store cube's cubies a D-type core Cubesmith textured tiles
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    Magic sphere/Miracle sphere problem

    Hi all, I had ordered a magic sphere/miracle sphere off of cubefans on eBay. the faces turned really bad so I lubricated it with silicon spray. I thought it would turn decently on the faces, but it became so loose that I can now flick it and it will spin nonstop for 10 seconds. If anyone knows...
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    New to the Forum, but not in cubing

    I know all of the PLLs and more than half of the OLLs
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    New to the Forum, but not in cubing

    I average about 5 seconds less now(60 seconds) but it is only because I am using a different cube.
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    Pochmann Memory Methods

    For corners, I just use the beginner's method that uses numbers, but for edges I use the Pochmann method and I tap where pieces need to go and just remmember my taps.
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    New to the Forum, but not in cubing

    Hi, I'm Henry from Pennsylvania! This is my first time on a forum, so I would like to introduce myself. I've been cubing for 11 months now and started on Feb. 15, 2008. I use the CFOP method and get around 20 second averages. My first competition was in November at the Newark Open and I had...