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    Selling a Bunch of Cubes!

    Ayyyeee, the video talking a bit about it is here (srry for low qual) And you can find the PDF with all the prices & cubes right here
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    US Nationals 2016 - July 29 - 31, Portland, Oregon

    NATS 2016 Found!!! eureka!
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    hey guys! i just wanted to thank you all for 1000 subscribers. though most of you guys on this site hate me, i decided to post it anyway, as many of you others have been very supportive. enjoy the video, of me completely failing getting a comp pb single, average, and missing second round from...
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    Stickerless Zhanchi for sale

    Could it be the same guy? I know the other guy was banned, but this dudes join date is Oct 2015. The other scammer could have just opened another account.
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    Qiyi Skewb Unboxing and First Impressions

    Yeah, gonna do some serious work with it before I decide on switching mains.
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    Yuxin Fire Review!

    Like I said to SpeedCubeReview, I can't make a video flawless to everyone. I just throw in what I like. If you have a problem with me going briefly going over the box for five seconds, then by all means, unsubscribe. I think the box looked pretty nice for a $5 cube, so am I going to keep that...
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    Yuxin Fire Review!

    You don't like unboxings, I do. Everyone is different, and it's impossible for me to make a video that is flawless to everyone. I still try to keep up my reviews, and I hope that you don't see my channel as boring or terrible because of the unboxings on there.
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    Yuxin Fire Review!

    Sorry! I meant to put Unboxing but I had just woken up when I posted this so I was a little unsure of what I was typing. I changed it back.
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    Yuxin Fire Review!

    Yuxin Fire Unboxing! Hey guys! I think my unboxing/first impressions on the Yuxin Fire turned out pretty well edited and shot! Let me know if I should do a review on this cube, and how you guys like it. Also if you have it, what cube does it most remind you of?
  10. CuberRiley - High Quality Puzzles, Custom-Cut Stickers, Premium Lubricants & More!

    Hey guys! Does anyone know the minimum subscriber amount to test for TheCubicle? I've contacted them about it but they haven't been replying to my emails. Thanks!
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    [Official] Possible Skewb Mis-scramble (final round at KPW 2015)?

    Okay. It was 10 moves and I started/stopped the timer in the ways that I should have, so I think it should probably be legal, cause I can't control what scramble I get. However, if we found out it was a mis-scramble at the comp, I dunno if I would be given an extra attempt, with the 3.52 erased.
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    [Official] Possible Skewb Mis-scramble (final round at KPW 2015)?

    Ah, that sucks. Should it be DNF'ed? I think it should be a little more clear to the scramblers that they should check the entire cube. Also, I don't know if the judges were told about not touching the cube when checking out a +2, because I had a few occasions at the past competition, where...
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    [Official] Possible Skewb Mis-scramble (final round at KPW 2015)?

    Hey everyone! Does anyone have the scrambles that were used in Skewb final round at Keep Portland Weird 2015? I find it odd that I was the only person to get a sub 4 single in finals, but it's also odd how nobody else got really a decent time on the first solve. I'm wondering if I got a...
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    [Help Thread] Skewb Discussion and Help

    Learn full Sarah's Intermediate. Last week I got an official 6.84 average and a 3.52 single from just intermediate. Once you have sub 7/6 down, I'd reccomend you start learning Pi Cases for Advanced, and then Peanut. Kennan has some pretty good tutorials on advanced
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    [Official] Skewb 3.52 Single and 6.84 average - Riley Edwards

    Hey guys. Here are some really awesome Skewb solves I got at KPW 2015 a few days ago. I hope you enjoy! (The 3 wasn't in the same average as the 6.84) 3.52 Single: 6.84 Average: