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    F2L example solve game

    Sorry to sound like a noob but is green face usually my F? Ive been using the yellow U and green as my F while learning f2l. Thanx - ROB
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    [Member Intro] A cuber who's embarassed about his age...

    I do love my cheat sheats.. I kept forgetting the algo used on 4x4 parity’s so I taped it to my phone. How long did the whole fl2 training take u before u started ludicrous speed?
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    [Member Intro] Hello everyone

    Hello fellow cubers. My names Rob and I just started cubing a couple months ago at 38 yrs old. Now I'm hooked and am learning (trying to at least) fl2.. So far its a slow go but it gets better every day. Fastest time LbL is 1 min flat on 103 moves on a gan350x.