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    ideas for a new form of U.S. currency?

    i have a social studies project where i have to make a new form of U.S. money. It can be coins, bills, or anything else. Doesn't matter what shape it is. SO I wanna know what the money should be(3 dollars, 75 cents, 99 dollars, etc.) And anything else would be nice too like what should be...
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    QJ or mf8 minx?

    which megaminx is better, the qj minx or the mf8 minx? "my cubing master" would like to know.
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    7x7x7 Need Help With The Center Caps

    my green center cap fell off of my v-cube 7, white.I cant put it back on.It might have something to do with the gorilla glue that i used on it. Please help me.
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    [Unofficial] 16.67 with LBL

    that was CFOP
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    Where can i get a bean bag chair for cheap?

    i want to get my sister a bean bag chair for the holidays. I want it to be cheap. I'm 12, so I don't have much money. Post the link to the website where it is, or just tell me the store. im looking for under 20 dollars.
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    What should I buy?

    2x2-i had no experience with Maru, so just get an eastsheen 3x3- the most popular is probably a C4U brand cube or an old type A, i would recommend a FII though.
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    I'm Preparing A Cube Club At My School

    my friend held a cubing club last year, it was fun, only like 9 ppl joined though.
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    How to strengthen cube plastic

    so my plastic, on my rubik's 4x4 was pretty weak, i put it in acetone to break off the gorilla glue that was left on it. That made it the weakest plastic ever. I put the pieces in a bowl filled with water, I froze them, they came out better than before.:cool:
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    Screw Spring 2x2 so here it is. I've heard its pretty good. On the same site it has another black screw spring 2x2 except it doesn't have LL in the title, so what does LL mean?
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    Speedcubing store IN THE USA

    where is the shop gonna be?
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    Video Contest Ideas:)

    This is probably in the wrong section does anyone have any ideas for cubetalks contest. -it has to be "holiday" related -it has to be "puzzle" related
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    A New Store!!!!

    your site?
  13. cuberman0312 shipping?

    how much is shipping from to New Jersey (USA). I ordered a mini qj 4x4