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    Cubers in Louisiana

    I live in Louisiana and there have never any comps here since I started cubing about a year and a half ago haha
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    ShengShou 6x6 Assembly Problem

    First you will have to dissasemble that side of the cube. Once that is done, loosen the screw until it comes out and put it back in in the correct orientation making sure it goes in straight.
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    ShengShou 6x6 Assembly Problem

    If you took the core pieces off in any part of the dissasembly then you may have put them back in in the incorrect orientations. The way it should look is 3 of the pins are inwards and facing each other and the other three face outwards from one another. The way to think about it is face three...
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    2x2 Megaminx?

    I know I have never been to a comp because there are none around :(
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    2x2 Megaminx?

    I live in Louisiana too :) :) :) :) I feel your pain man...
  6. Cuber9991 - High Quality Puzzles, Custom-Cut Stickers, Premium Lubricants & More!

    I thought I was the only one that did that haha
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    Puzzle Mod / Modding thread

    The only thing I can say is don't over mod it. If you under mod it you can always go back and mod it more but you can't un-mod it as easily.
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    New Timer - Your Ideas!

    I feel kinda stupid now haha. Thanks for telling me how to fix it! :)
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    Goals Thread

    Goal Sub-15 average of 100 with at least 5 sub-10 singles Deadline Beginning of August before school starts again. :D
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    New Timer - Your Ideas!

    One thing that csTimer took off of their website is WCA scramble format. For 4x4 and up there is only SiGN which I hate. So please have WCA scramble format.
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    Selling a few cubes: 4x4, 5x5, 7x7

    What would be the method of payment? And what color is each cube?
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    Best 5x5 cube?

    I don't have a lanlan but I do have a Shengshou that I have modded and changed the springs on (to Dayan 3x3 springs) and it is amazing. It is really fast and crunchy but smooth at the same time. I would really recommend getting this cube if you are willing to mod. I would not recommend changing...
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    The Solve Critique Thread

    Can someone please look at these solves for me. Thanks in advanced!!!
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    [Help Thread] Puzzle Setup / Tension Discussion

    No problem, Glad I could help!
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    [Help Thread] Puzzle Setup / Tension Discussion

    When you put the core onto the screw push them together hard (not with all your might but put some pressure on it) and then screw. The threading in the core may have needed to be redone.