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    Dixon Winter 2016 (February 6th)

    Hello all! Dixon Winter 2016 will be on February 6th! Hope to see you there!
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    Dixon Summer 2015

    I have just raised the registration limit to 80. If you have not signed up and wish to compete sign up quickly. The spots will fill up quick!
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    Dixon Summer 2015

    It has been a while since the last Dixon competition! But it is here again! Dixon Summer will be held on June 27th 2015. Lunch will be offered (Pizza and a water) for $5!
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    Tony Fisher's Petaminx Ball (AKA Petaball)

    This is really awesome! I definitely wouldn't have the balls to make this.... XD
  5. cuber952 - High Quality Puzzles, Custom-Cut Stickers, Premium Lubricants & More!

    Name: John Brechon Email: [email protected] WCA: Youtube: rubikscuber952 Official 9.88 3x3 average
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    Who is your favorite cuber?

    Definitely Walker Welch. Sometimes he even wears a fedora to comps. #yearofthewalker
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    2013 Statistics

    These were some very interesting statistics :D I remember when there were only 4000 members! ...and now we have that many joining each year. Fedora
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    Probability Thread

    This might be stupid but, do some OLLs stand a better chance of getting a PLL skip than others? If so, which OLLs give PLL skips most often? - fedora
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    Flappy Bird

    This game is definitely not as good as tiny wings. I think it could be better with a fedora or two in it.
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    [Unofficial] 33.95 4x4 avg5 - John Brechon

    Walker Welch. #YearoftheWalker
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    [Unofficial] 33.95 4x4 avg5 - John Brechon

    The aosu is nice :) PB is 33.5x
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    Dixon Spring 2014 (March 29th)

    Actually. I believe I simply posted an opinion. You're the one that replied to that, making it an argument.
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    Dixon Spring 2014 (March 29th)

    You agree with me now?
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    Dixon Spring 2014 (March 29th)

    People don't like change especially me. I avoided making plans during the winter because i was expecting a competition in Dixon. This is ridiculous, I just wasted a whole winter doing nothing.
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    Dixon Spring 2014 (March 29th)

    I'm being serious. He needs to get his act together.