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    Whats your GPA in high school?

    Im on the 18:00 boarder on average. A lot of it depends on the coarse, like whether it has several hills or not. And yea it is a 5k run. Whats your GPA though?
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    Whats your GPA in high school?

    Thats really wierd about that that math thing. Im taking my math class with the majority of it being made up of seniors. like a 5:1 ratio at the most. Most juniors are taking Algebra 2 at my school????? Are sport scholarships hard to get a hold of? lets say I place around the top 20 at high...
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    Whats your GPA in high school?

    Hey whats up, Lately Ive been stressing out about getting into college safely and I guess Ive got a lot of questions. But I guess if Im going to get any answers from you guys Im going to have to tell how well off acedemically I am. -Im a junior in High school and I have a GPA of around 3.1...
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    Is it possible to obtain a type D with old screws?

    my friend ordered a yuga from 9spuzzles.... Ill let you know if he gets the old screws
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    [Unofficial] Durben Virtucio 4x4x4 - 47.00 Seconds

    Ok I really want to know whether or not that is an eastsheen or rubiks 4x4. Cause Id have to agree with jcuber that my rubiks brand also sux. It couldnt be an edison could it?
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    Where to buy cubes?

    I dont know where else to ask this but does anyone know what happend to Kubismo? It sounded like it would have been an awesome shop.
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    Verdict On C4Y Cubes

    Type As seem to be the only trust-worthy cube out there now. Ther quality seems to always be in the ball park range of good. Although type Ds on the other hand can be very good IF your lucky with the draw. I personaly want to get my hands on some type Cs and Bs to see how they are. Keep in mind...
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    How to make the new Type Ds as good as the old ones

    Has anyone recently bought some black ones that came with the old screws? If this is the case I might just buy some black Ds. I wonder if they did keep their original screw set this would mean that black ones are better.
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    Joy and Edison cubes may available to us all within a week! they dont sell black or white edisons? :-(
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    Joy and Edison cubes may available to us all within a week!

    Are they really as nice as people say they are? Better than an "old" type d.
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    Joy and Edison cubes may available to us all within a week!

    Forget the type ds, I want a joy cube. Ive been wanting one for awhile now. 4 joy cubes for me plz lol
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    Lightning from my Cube!

    Do it again and make a video of it this time. That way we can watch :-)
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    Post here if you recently purchased a Type D/YUGA

    Where is badmephisto when we need him most for this thread! We need a diagnosis from him and all his 10 new type ds. Serisouly though this kinda sux cuz I dont know what I'm really buying anymore, you know? Who knows, I could find a whole different setup on one if I were to buy one now. I guess...
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    Post here if you recently purchased a Type D/YUGA

    @ dae ja voo Have you noticed significant differences from the new and the old plastic yet? Afterall, the cubies are the most important parts of the cube. Secondly, would you consider maining these new ones even after ranting how good your old one was. Also, if it is at all poissible to...
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    What color of cube

    I have a GREEN type d and I think it serves me well. Although I dont have any other type ds to compare to, Im prone to think my green one will out-cube them. @DAE JA VOO: did you ever get some more white type ds from C4U? Because apperently the quality of them aren't as great as the ones from...