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    A new website

    I have just moved my website to a more permanent address at: Cube Obsession Cheers, Jeff.
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    A new website

    I've just added a links page to my website. It lists some sites that I have found very useful and interesting. Rubik's Cube Links
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    A new website

    When I bought my latest Rubik's Cube, it came with a Solutions Hints Booklet. On page 21 of that booklet it says: "RUBIKfact: Theoretically the shortest path to solving Rubik's Cube from any unscrambled position is as few as 22 twists. So far no one has succeeded in demonstrating this method".
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    A new website

    My sources may be outdated, but checkout Rubik's Official Online Site. On this webpage, it is stated that the minimal number of moves may be in the low twenties.
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    Stickers vs Tiles

    Thanks for the information about the tiles and stickers. I have only ever bought the stickers from Cubesmith. I might try the tiles just to see what they are like.
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    What do you think?

    I find it much easier to solve F2L with the cross on the bottom. When I learnt how to solve I always started by forming the cross on the bottom so it is just natural for me. I have heard a lot of people also like to have the cross on the left.
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    A new website

    Thanks for the feedback. It is a new website so I do plan on adding some extra content. I am planning on putting together an advanced method for solving the Rubik's Cube. And it will most likely be the fridrich method.
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    A new website

    I have become obsessed with the Rubik's Cube and put together the following website - Cube Obsession
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    How to cube

    I've put together a website with a basic solution. Checkout Cube Obsession
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    Different Methods

    Try Cube Obsession
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    Looking to buy fun stickers!

    I'd also recommend Cubesmith. I bought some stickers from there and they arrived very quickly and have lasted well compared with the original stickers.