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    Random Blindfold Cubing Discussion

    What happens when you haven't used your Anki Deck for years:
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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    That scramble is a dud indeed...
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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    Kramist forgot to post a new scramble so here's another solve on stunseed's Human Thistletwaithe hack L U F' - edge orientation (U' D R2 U D' F2) inserted edge cycle R' U D' L D2 L - place U and D edges and orient all but two corners L2 D' R' D L2 D' R D - corner cycle to orient amp place U...
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    The FMC thread

    Long time since I cubed but what the heck: Random blockbuilding B' D2 L' D R' U2 B2 U' L' F . L F' D F pseudo F2L 14 R' B' L B' L' B2 R D' fat anti-sune leaves 3 corners and undoing of pseudoness F - undo pseudoness at . insert F R2 F' L F R2 F' L' to cancel 4 moves final...
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    Solar Eclipse - 20th March 2015

    We're only getting to 83% here in Belgium... I'll be at my daugters's school with my telescope to allow all the kids to get a close, safe look.
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    Chris Olsen EXPLOSED!

    I am unique.
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    The FMC thread

    Hmmm... A 2E2c swap like N or T perm can solve the edges and a corner, leaving a corner cycle. Should be sub 30
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    Favorite Solving Method?

    Human Thistlethwaite and a bit of FMC
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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    I just noticed I'm already ninja'd but I cannot keep this nice solution from you: Human Thistlethwaite on inverse U R F - EO U L D U' R U2 R - Corner orientation L2 D R2 U B2 - corner separation U2 B2 U B2 U2 R2 U R2 - pair up corners F2 U' R2 L2 U' L2 F2 L2 F2 L2 F2 D2 R2 - edges 36...
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    Belgium cube meet up

    Brussels or Gent (as I'm located somewhat in between)
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    The FMC thread

    How about finishing a bit more FMC-like after your FL2-1? B2 D' B' D B' D' B . D B2 - leaves 3 corners in 26 HTM This part also looks very interesting for insertions. At . insert B U B' D B U' B D' to cancel 4 moves = 40 HTM
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    What is the easiest Megaminx method?

    Solve "F2L" until there is one slot left. Use the slot to orient and place all edges. Solve the remaining 6 corners with commutators.
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    1x1 Cube

    No. I already have one. You can buy mine via Shapeways:
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    A way to solve Rubik's Cube 3x3 without memorization?

    Heise "as such" is too complicated for a beginner because of the pseudo blocks. A simplified Heise could be considered as: Building an F2L-1 in the traditional CFOP way or keyhole (no algs needed) Then use the open slot to orient and permute the edges. Solve the last 5 corners via commutators...
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    Best memorization claim

    Simple, the best memory claim is the Pi Matrix Memorization Some cut n paste: The Pi Matrix Memorization record requires the memorizer not only to know the actual order of the first 10,000 digits of pi, but also to know the digits in the correct order from anywhere in the sequence. It has...