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    [French NR] 7x7 average 3:28.77

    Is that your PB ?
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    Moyu GuoGuan Yuexiao?

    Clement Cherblanc says it's the best cube in the World after the lingpo with his special lubing.
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    Genetics / Natural Talent vs Hard Work / Practice

    The only thing we can notice is people that hold WR/World Classe Performance like Chris Olson know that these performances are due to training more than natural talent. In it's thread it's clear that cubers who are thinkings Feliks got amazing results by is "natural talent" are cowards...
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    [Unofficial] [French NR] 2x2x2 Blind 12.28 Kévin Cagnon

    Congratulations ! Done at Hem Maricubik open 2015. Solve at the end of the video.