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    One-Answer Pyraminx Question Thread

    Is there any Pyraminx alg generators around? I remember there used to be umbrella but I can't find a link that works anymore. Also I know about jaapsch just very much dislike using it.
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    Australian Cuber Jerseys

    I vote for AusCubers with a scrambled cube.
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    Australian Cuber Jerseys

    1) Definitely interested in purchasing one 2) Either a t-shirt or zip hoodie would be good and don't have any design ideas but just keeping it simple would be good,
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Around what times should you be averaging on 3x3 to be sub minute on 4x4?
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    4x4 Race Thread (45s/1m/1m30s/2m)

    round 88, goal: sub 1 (0/3) average= 1:20.68 1:24.21, 1:18.70, (1:14.00), 1:16.57, 1:15.92, 1:20.07, (1:26.44), 1:24.54, 1:21.31, 1:23.38, 1:23.88, 1:18.17 way too may sup 1:20s for my liking, but oh well
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    Prisma Puzzle Timer

    Once the timer has been downloaded and extracted where do i go to find the file to open the timer?
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    OH/2H Endurance

    I'd say this
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    Your best speedcubes.

    2x2-Ghosthand 3x3-Black GuHong 4x4-Dayan+MF8 5x5-Eastsheen... lol Pyraminx-QJ
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    [Unofficial] Pyraminx 4.25 Ao 5

    The method would be OKA The scrambles looked pretty easy but good average bro.
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    Kubaroo Open 2011 (Melbourne)

    Does anyone still have this scramble available anywhere
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Pb average of 5 16.73 18.33 15.30 (PLL skip) (15.11) (NL) (20.56) 16.55 :) :) :)
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    Rate 1-10

    10 looks awesome
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    Rate the Avatar Above You

    6/10 It's a cube
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    Blindfold Buddy Cube

    I wasn't trying to disrespect him or anything I was just saying have a look on the wiki first next time to see if it has been done before