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    PLL and OLL for Bigger Cubes

    To prevent a mega-post, the following will be extremely generalized For 3x3: -Learn F2L or any other "pro method" and begin your road to sub20 times -Minimal PLLs: A and U, learn the rest as you progress -Practice til you get sub20, which is around the range you need for solid 3x3 stage...
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    PLL and OLL for Bigger Cubes

    Chances are that you will learn reduction for your big cubes. With reduction, all you need to know is how to do the reduction, and you have what is basically a chunky 3x3 at the end. MAIN POINT: You don't need to learn any new PLLs, unless you want the 3x3 stage of the solve to get even faster
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    Speedcubing in Washington State

    Seattle. It's a shame I didn't see many cubers at Folklife...
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    monkeydude1313 selling cubes?

    Ripoff. You have failed in some important way as a cuber if you cannot recognize whether or not your tensions are off... If he included piece modding and flash-shaving it STILL wouldn't be worth the premium he is charging for his assembly services.
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    He's pompous and pretentious... 11 categories for a cube review?!
  6. C "Speed Megaminx" review

    Sorry, no pics (for now). This is my first megaminx, so I can't offer comparisons to other megaminxes. This is just an assessment of quality. First impressions: I would describe this puzzle as analagous to the original Type A cube. It's got some mass, but that gives it a solid feeling...
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    What screws do you prefer?

    old style partially threaded type a screws (noted for brass-ish color)
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    looking for tiled mefferts minx

    Another battle of preference. Let the guy spend his money =/
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    Obama-Biden or McCain-Palin(Speedsolving Votes)

    Anyone with the motivation to kill WILL find a way to acquire a weapon :(
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    Pen spinning

    Tricks-easy Combos-****ing hard (this is where penspinning becomes artistic) One reason I quit was because I couldn't keep up with the pace at which progress was being pushed
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    Pen spinning

    haha sorry to tell you... low-budget ps'ers came up with that A LONG LONG time ago :p
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    Pen spinning Cubing made me stop practicing :p I'll start again someday...
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    My first Speed Cube!!!

    *restricts self from flaming* W...T...F...we get it. You're happy. Lock this useless thread
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    My type D black DIY cube

    Odin, your post had absolutely no relevance to the topic... I don't care about how epic your Type A is
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    How to learn periodic table abbreviations quickly???

    Associating elements with some of their unique properties also helps.....