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    cube comp in Florida

    Lol yeah 7 takes me 30 min - an hour because I get bored and distracted too easily. I've actually stop practicing as much since I moved cause work and school have been killing me, so I'm actually back up to around 27 average, but I only do one avg of 5 a day if I'm lucky.
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    cube comp in Florida

    Hey, hey I resent that statement. I lived in the Space Coast/Brevard County up until a month ago and only moved for school to UCF. I mean a 25-30 average is nothing, but I would have gone to a comp either way. @calekewbs I emailed you back from you messaging me from CubingUSA, and I would...
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    Best DIY

    Pentrixter spends hours and hours of his time putting together a comprehensive review of most cubes, and the mods are kind enough to sticky it, but that is too hard to find.
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    Review of Main 3x3x3 Cube Models and Clarification on the Naming System of Type A

    I have to disagree with you on the Edision Cubes just a little bit. There is definitely a break in period with those cubes. This is my main cube for a few months now and it takes time for it to reach it's best. The texture wears down a bit after good use and the speed also increases. It is...
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    what to buy? (3x3x3 and 4x4x4)

    Yes and Yes. Read up and watch videos about tension cause the Type A can be very good but with the right tension. It takes some time to get right.
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    what to buy? (3x3x3 and 4x4x4)

    Since it's going to be said at one point in time to you, types of cubes are all about preference. I use edison cubes which can be bought from Type A's from are good first cubes, and if you don't mind having a non black or white cube, his Type D's...
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    [Unofficial] 7x7 Solve - 4:52.34

    I know they are the same, but I just have a thing with black cubes. My collection would feel incomplete because all my cubes except one type A and my Diansheng are black. It's just gonna take like a total of 2 1/2 weeks in order to finally receive my black set...=\ Oh well sometimes you need...
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    [Unofficial] 7x7 Solve - 4:52.34

    Black V-Cubes FTW. I just said to my brother today I had yet to see a black 7x7 being solved. Awesome solve. I was supposed to be buying a Black V-Cubes set, but I guess I clicked on the wrong one and they are sending me a White set, so I have the option to refuse it and then have them send...
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    [Unofficial] 3x3x3 BLD success -- 5:34.68!!!

    Calculus also makes you forget simple arithmetic. My calc class could integrate the crap out of anything but ask someone to do 15-9 as quick as they can and their brains go blank.
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    The D-F Hybrid was too unstable for fast speedsolving. It was alright for OH, because it was loose, but lock ups with 2H were the biggest problems. The JSK I didn't really ever use because of the color scheme and I didn't feel like switching the yellow and blue. I just find the Edison smooth...
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    Well I actually made a JSK joy combo and it is a good OH cube. Light, loose, and doesn't lock up. That's been that way for about 2 weeks. My favorite has been my pure Edison cube. I tweaked the screws a little bit, it cuts corners like a dream. I cleaned it out a few days ago and re lubed...
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    [Unofficial] 3x3x3 Solve (1:16.65)

    I applaud you for not being scared to post a video with an average so high. Your cross could use some work but that comes with time. It helps to try and look at it for 15 seconds and then close your eyes and see if you can solve the cross without looking. I started with doing it with 2...
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    100 moves challenge!

    I did an average of 5 and my average was 10.21(9.79 tps) with a best of 9.65(10.36 tps). It's a nice way to train my left hand to be faster, and to get my finger tricks to be more accurate.
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    Mefferts vs. Cube4you 4x4

    Technically they are different because one has tiles and one has stickers, but other than that no. Almost every 4x4 you will see other than Eastsheen and Retooled Rubik's 4x4 are clones of the Old Rubik's 4x4. The tiled and stickered ones are exactly the same, Mefferts and C4Y are exactly the...
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    Time Averages

    Well the weirdest part for me is I could get the low times and then it stopped and my times got more consistent, but I wouldn't be able to hit the lower times for a while.