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    [WR] 5.25 3x3x3 single by Collin Burns

    Thanks for the congratulations everyone! Here's a video from a different angle.
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    Doylestown Spring 2015 (April 25th)

    This is a final reminder that registration ends tonight at midnight, so make sure to register before then.
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    Doylestown Spring 2015 (April 25th)

    If you haven't done so already, make sure to register as soon as possible if you're planning on competing. We've extended registration a few days, but you still only have a week left to do so online. If you wait to register at the venue, the entry fee will be $30.
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    Doylestown Spring 2015 (April 25th)

    I'm happy to announce Doylestown Spring 2015, which I'm co-organizing with Matt Bahner. The competition will be held on April 25th in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Events: 2x2 3x3 (3 rounds) 3x3 One-handed (2 rounds) 3x3 Blindfolded 4x4 Registration costs $15 if you preregister and $30...
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    River Hill Winter 2015 - March 7th, 2015

    Did anyone happen to find a stackmat pro timer? I lost mine at the competition. It has a logo sticker on the bottom. Thanks.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    6.988 3x3 PB ao5.
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    [Official] Collin Burns - 8.06 3x3 Average

    Not sub-8, but I'm still pretty happy about this. This is places me at 2nd in the US and 9th in the world.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    11.956 one handed average of 5 c:
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    Accomplishment Thread

    7.797 3x3 PB ao12
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    Accomplishment Thread

    7.686 OH single D2 B2 F2 L' R' D2 R' B2 L D2 U' F2 U L2 R2 D F L' R' B' x' z' D U2 R' U2 z' U' R2 U' R U R' U' R U R' U' R z U' R2 U R' U' R U x' R' U' R U R' U' R U z' U r U R' U' z U' R z' R U' x' U
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    US Nationals 2014 - Jersey City, New Jersey - August 1-3, 2014

    I bet you guys didn't see that one coming. I certainly didn't.