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    Wiki Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone. I don't have a strong opinion on which image type to use. I would use option 4 for a standard 444 image. Regarding parity permutation cases, I ran my recent program on them and came up with the following algorithms. A few notes first: - it searches in Single Slice Turn Metric...
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    5x5x5 fewest moves for concentric rings

    My (4x4x4) solver gave a 19 moves solution: 2L2 D2 F 2L2 F' 2R F 2L2 F 2R' F2 2L D2 B2 U' 2R U B2 2L EDIT: Well, I got a 17 moves solution: 2F2 R2 D2 U2 L2 U 2B L2 D2 2F' U2 R2 2F2 U2 2F' U 2F2 EDIT2: 15 moves solution: 2F2 U' R2 2B U2 2F L2 2F L2 2B' U2 R2 2F' U 2F2
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    4x4x4 FMC (computer and human)

    Hello Here are my solutions for BTM only. My solver cannot solve using double layer moves, so solutions are not optimised for OBTM metric. 1. F U 2R2 B2 L' B' L Fw' R2 Rw' 2U2 B' 2L' 2F2 2L2 2R' 2B' 2D' B' 2U2 B2 D2 (L2 R2) D2 2D Lw2 F' R2 B' 2B2 2L2 B' Lw2 D2 B2 L2 2F2 (37) 2. U 2F' 2D F D'...
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    4x4x4 FMC (computer and human) round 2

    Here are my solutions: 1. L' D2 2L2 U' F' U2 2D 2F2 L' 2R' 2U' F 2B 2D B2 2L' 2F2 R2 F B2 2U' F' B2 2D' F2 R2 2U2 L2 B 2D2 F2 U2 F 2R2 U2 2F2 2L2 U2 2L2 2F2 2L2 (41) 2. 2F' D F' 2F2 2U2 B2 R D F2 L' U' 2L' 2U F2 2D' 2L2 2F 2L' 2U2 2R2 U' B2 R2 2F2 2L' 2U2 D B2 U' 2L2 2B2 R2 D 2B2 U2 R2 2F2 2R2...
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    4x4x4 FMC (computer and human) round 2

    Wow, I've not been here for ages. This is so nice to see a computer contest for 4x4x4 FMC. I will dig my code from the graves and see how it goes on the 5 scrambles. I remember it having an average solution of 40 moves, but it was designed for fast solutions (about 1 sec), I've no idea if it can...
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    WCA Documents: Updated January 1, 2013

    Ok, but where is the limit ? How do you judge if the gap is big enough so that you only consider putting it back in that location ? You want to introduce the term 'reasonable' in the regulations ? Vincent said that the task is to reassemble the puzzle, not to reassemble the puzzle while...
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    WCA Documents: Updated January 1, 2013

    The problem here is that you require that the judge has enough knowledge to know that it is unambiguously solved. If you write the rule like you suggest, then a lot of judges would not be able to judge if it is solved or not. If this case is too simple for you, consider the case where you remove...
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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    Impressive difference between continents ! Continent 1-day competitions Total competitions Ratio Europe 165 405 0.41 South America 30 62 0.48 Asia 260 356 0.73...
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    TNoodle - WCA scrambler replacement

    Thank you, Bruce. About your first point, I was trying to solve using hex-search (3 orientations + inverse), but I soon realized that because the centers do not form a group, you could not use the inverse position. This has already been fixed in my own repository...
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    TNoodle - WCA scrambler replacement

    Correct. If people don't like to see the same rotations at the beginning/end of scrambles, the order of moves during the search can be made random.
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    1 Hour FMC is a Luck Based Event

    Go to France
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    [WCA Regulations 2012] Clock Notation

    I'm a little late. I like this proposal. Here is an alternative without flipping the clock : U4+ d3- R2- l3+ D1- u2- L6+ r5+ UL3+ UR4- DR6+ DL4+ A3+ a4- This is closer to the actual order of scrambling. upper-case: pins up, lower-case: pins dows.
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    V-Cube Cannes Open 2012

    Hello On February 18-19 will stand the first V-CUBE competition organised in France. I will be in charge of the competition. Here is the english website. I hope to see you there. Clément
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    A Collection of Cubing Curiosities

    Another way to do the cube-in-cube : (R F2 L R F2 L' R2 [u'] [r'])4 (found by Per Kristen Fredlund). [u'] [r'] is turn around URF corner. Also : (R U' R' U [r] [u])3 flips 3 corners and 2 edges, so (R U' R' U [r] [u])6 flips 3 corners and (R U' R' U [r] [u])9 flips 2 edges. On the...
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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    How long did Stefan spend time doing statistics for other people ?