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    Indiana 2013

    In that case, I may have to round up some Purdue cubers to come down with me so we can have an old fashioned rivalry.
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    Class of 2013 University acceptance/decision thread

    Has anyone else still not made a decision? I'm still waiting to hear from the Navy on whether or not I got a scholarship. If I didn't get anything, I'll be attending Purdue (Boiler Up!), and if I got a scholarship, I will go wherever the scholarship sends me. For those of you who don't know...
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    Dayton Open 2013 <--- zomg last daytoncomp ever

    Uh oh, I can't make it. As much as I hate to admit it, Prom trumps Cubing.
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    Dayton Open 2013 <--- zomg last daytoncomp ever

    I suppose I might be there. It's a good thing I still check this site every now and then, I might have missed this. On a side note, I feel old now with my 2009 join date.
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    UIUC Spring 2013

    Oooh, I might just have to tie this one in with a college visit. Is it free if I'm accepted, but not a student yet?
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    Class of 2013 University acceptance/decision thread

    Got my acceptance letter from Purdue a few days ago, I would like to go there, but I'll have to wait and see if I'm awarded a ROTC scholarship first, and if so, what college it will be at. I'll be majoring in Aerospace Engineering wherever I go, what about you guys?
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    Class of 2013 University acceptance/decision thread

    I figure it's about time for this thread to start. I get my Purdue decision in about 40 minutes, and I'm pretty confident that I'll get in. I am also applying to Georgia Tech, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, and I've been accepted to University of Minnesota. Is anyone...
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    My Apology

    :o Is it weird that I found this thread through facebook?
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    Your old speedcubes?

    O_O I left for 6 months and now everyone is using cubes that I've never heard of. This was mine Type A -> Dayan -> AV Nice short list, I doubt I'll ever like anything more than my AV.
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    Does this event format have a name?

    Does no one remember SpeedBld anymore? I think this is similar to what you're thinking.
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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    I'm back for at least the next week after a 6 month lapse. Anything new happen while I was gone?
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    2x2x2 Race Thread

    Round 89 Average 1: 9.56, 4.52, 5.16, 7.67, 5.41, 8.06, 6.02, 5.36, 3.89, 5.28, 4.50, 6.64 = 5.86 Average 2: 2.45, 4.65, 5.68, 8.38, 5.44, 3.38, 7.93, 9.70, 6.84, 11.86, 13.56, 4.31 = 6.82 Average 3: 4.45, 4.49, 15.14, 7.69, 16.24, 4.78, 4.80, 4.06, 6.86, 3.90, 7.13, 5.65 = 6.51 Mean of 3: 6.40
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    New Albany Open 2012

    I should be there. Haven't seriously cubed in months though. Too bad Anthony is coming though, I would have liked to have had a chance at winning 2x2. ;)
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    Ohio Fall 2011

    More like a maybe at the moment. But, there is a good chance that I will be. EDIT: Can't make it.

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