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    how to cantact cubfans and why doesn't it send my package to ups

    Maybe if you used proper English, they will be able to understand and help you. In all seriousness, though, I had the same problem with Mefferts. The status of my packaged was "new" (not shipped) even when I eventually received the package a few weeks later.
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    Does anyone happen to have unwanted cubes?

    Are you bloody serious? You just posted your home address on a website accessible from any internet connection in the world.
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    Hi everyone

    Blimey, sub-20 in 3.5 months?* Great progression. Looking to make the world record I see, aye? It must be lonely speedcubing in West Virginia. *(I got to sub-25 in 3 months then lost interest until now. Darn, how I now wish I could have been like you as you are now.)
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    I LOL'ed

    That's 10 cm or roughly 4 in. Big, eh? o.O
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    [Unofficial] Piti Pichedpan - 7.88 single and 10.42 avg

    Wha...? Where did he come from? How come Ive never heard of him before?
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    A+++++++++++WOULD SOLVE AGAIN
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    [Unofficial] Sam Roach 3x3 ao5=24.98

    Blimey, that's a might odd place for a computer. You could have positioned the camera closer to the cube so we can actually see what's going on. We aren't particularly interested in the pile of papers and tangle of wires under your table. Throughout the video, the springs in your cube kept...
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    Did you learn to cube from Dan Brown(pogobat)?

    Unfortunately, yes. Thank God for badmephisto and his speedcubing-friendly beginner's tutorial. :P
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    Rate the Signature above you.

    8. I will execute the F U algorithm within the vicinity of a devout vegan. o.O
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    They found water on the moon!

    Yes, this was probably in the back of the minds of NASA scientists and engineers when they orchestrated the LRO/LCROSS mission. LCROSS was designed to check for water in a particular crater in the south pole of the moon. This crater has not seen any light for eons. The south pole area is a...
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    Forum game: "put a thing there"

    "I see a pedo!"
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    Rate the Avatar Above You
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    Rate the Avatar Above You

    :fp It's "I'm 12 years old and what is this?"
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    Rate the Avatar Above You

    10/10 Clever camera angle.
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    Rate the Avatar Above You

    Also, gasmasks.