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    Anybody from Minnesota

    There is a large MN cubing community that holds frequent competitions year round. I would start by attending some of those, it is very easy to make friends once you're there!
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    Change order of posts

    It could be, and I could absolutely be miss-remembering. So I'll just deal with how it is! Thanks for the help!
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    My Wuest for Sub 8 Petrus

    Just because there aren't videos on something doesn't mean it can't be done. I don't feel like the point of his "experiment" is to get fast, but to get fast with Petrus.
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    Change order of posts

    I'm sure this was back in about 2014, but when I clicked a thread it would jump to the page with the newest posts. Very useful for the very old threads with hundreds of replies, and doesn't really hinder those with not many.
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    Change order of posts

    I used to have posts in a thread be displayed descending newest to oldest. Can't find the option for that anymore. Is it gone?
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    Share a tip, Win a Qiyi Mini Wuque M 4x4

    I used to be really into this community a long time ago, and decided to take some time off after competing at 2013 worlds. Unfortunately this time off turned into 4 years of barely touching a cube, and maybe did 200 solves in those 4 years. But, when an old friend of mine was running a...
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    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help Probably one of the better resources.
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    Random Scramble Generation

    Essentially it doesn't have to be too perfect. I'll be presenting it to a prof who has limited knowledge of speedcubing, and I'm working with a group of people that are completely clueless to it. While the random state generator seems to be the way to go, I might have to just do a very simple...
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    Random Scramble Generation

    Hello everyone! I'm a computer science student taking a software engineering class, and my group has decided on making a speed solving timer, for android. One of our features needs to be a random scramble generator for at least 3x3x3 (This timer is not going to be released). Are there any...
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    Ahhh yeah not really too worried about money anymore. It was just surprising to go onto sites and see the average 3x3 going for more than ~$20.
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    Yeah I don't really compete anymore, so I'll probably just go ahead and buy one. Looking at cubes now is crazy though, $28 for a 3x3 is insane.. Missing the days of the $9 dayans.
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    Hey guys! Been out of the game for a while and looking to order some of the new cubes that are out there. I've been reading out magnets (?!) in cubes, and I'm wondering if anyone can point towards the cubes that have them, as well as the benefits.
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    Minnesota Cube Melt 2014

    This is an almost maybe.