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    South Texas Open 2010

    Yeah but we're poorer than anything :P and my mom is not willing to drive it and she has work friday. The only cuber I know that lives even remotely near me is austin and i don't think he's going. If anyone lives near Austin/leander/cedar park and would be willing to contact me and give me...
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    South Texas Open 2010

    I wish I could go so badly. I live up in austin so i'm about 6 hours away :C
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    MF8 sq-1?

    I got a white one forever ago. I LOVE it. I loosened it by a decent amount and lubed it twice since I got it, still turns like a dream.
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    Do fingertricks come naturally?

    I more or less come up with my own. I seem to have a T perm finger trick that no one has and when I show people it at comps they seem to love it
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    LA airport security has been tighten!

    I just flew yesterday from New York to Texas and the only thing they had a problem with was my Touch Cube and that's only because it's a big electronic. I had my main 3x3, my old main 3x3, 3x3x4, mirror cube, square 1 and 2x2 :/
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    Any Insomniacs?

    Yeah right now it's 3:45, just got off WoW after 12 hours pretty much straight, and all I want to do is some solves :/ I hate this...
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    College acceptances (Class of '14)

    I just found this is it you? btw, the link is NSFW EDIT: well, the OP anyway in the 4chan thread
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    CASTING Commercial - Rubik's Speed

    Dangit, I'm right there at 30 seconds and can sometimes do the labrynth game, but I live in texas :C
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    Idea on how to keep "noobs" away from the forum

    I think there should be a post amount before you can make threads. For people new to the forums.
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    When can one call oneself a "sub 20 cuber"?

    I think it should be when you get a sub-20 avg at a competition, because then u are officially ranked sub-20. That's just my opinion.
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    Forum Game: Keep a word, Drop a word.

    Stack mat (who saw that coming)
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Just learned Ga and Gd (inverses of each other) in about 10 minutes. now to the other ones :C
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    How old were you when you started cubing?

    I started in May of this year, so not even a year. Average around 32 seconds, can solve everything cube shaped, pyraminx, megaminx, square 1, and siamese 3x3. I don't really have the greatest times in these puzzles, but i solve them none the less. And to all who say ur not speedcubers, a...
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    NEED an ALGORITHM for This OLL

    Headlights on back (R' U' R U') (R' U2 R2) (U R' U R U2 R') I think the triggers are correctly arranged. It's basically an anti-sune from the back, then sune. I average around 2 seconds for it, and I'm not that good of a cuber compared to everyone else here
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    Weekly competition 2009-49

    I'm not that great, but I'm decent for me cubing since May of '09 2x2 (14.69) 13.38 13.09 11.47 (11.22) =12.65 3x3 35.75 (39.34) I hate N perms 36.16 (33.43) 34.47 =35.46 ONLY 2x2 AND 3x3 RELAY 59.25

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