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    3x3 GAN 354 M - Great Cube for Smaller Hands!

    The GAN 354 M is great straight out of the box! The magnets being exposed helps the puzzle to be sturdy and not overturn! I have done about 150 solves on this cube and it has lowered my average by a whopping 5 seconds!! This is a well done product by @gancube once again! When ordering the 354 M...
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    [Member Intro] For Real this time!

    Hey, On my first post i faked it and did not write everything truthfully. I would like to formally say sorry. I'm an Australian cuber, I like mountain biking, I spend alot of time outdoor! When I'm inside all I do is cube, aha, so here are my stats. I will be posting a few solves in which...
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    So I recently started learning blind and its extremely hard? Can anyone suggest methods or videos???
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    [Member Intro] New to This Forum

    I average around 15 seconds on 3x3, 8 seconds on 2x2, 2 minutes on 4x4, 5 seconds on Pyraminx, 8 seconds on skewb
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    [Member Intro] New to This Forum

    Hi guys!! I'm an Australian cuber, i have never been to a wca event! Mains and PBs: 2x2 QiYi Cavs - 1.271 seconds 3x3 Gan356 air sm - 6.971 seconds 4x4 Cyclone Boys Feiting - 1: 16 seconds Skewb Moyu Aoalong: 5.27 seconds Pyraminx New Xman Design Bell - 2.721 If you would like to see some...
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    TikTok Account - Cubing-Related

    Hello fellow cubers, Wanted to let you know that my TikTok account went viral and that you should check it out :) Username: @cforcuberofficial Thanks
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    Gan air X problem :(

    This same problem occurred on mine, I just bought a new piece

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