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    [Help Thread] Solving 5x5 LBL using commutators, how would I figure out what commutator to use?

    Hi, I’m back after a very long hiatus from the forum. I’m thinking of posting pictures of my cube collection So, I’m very familiar with the reduction method, it’s my default for 4x4 and up. But I thought of solving my 5x5, which turns much more smoothly than my smaller cubes, using a LBL(layer...
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    [Help Thread] Mirror Cube Discussion and Help

    I have all but 1 piece in the middle layer solved. But I seem to have run into some kind of parity for a lack of a better term. The only side that my last middle layer piece is flush with is 180 degrees away from where it needs to go. I’ve tried using the middle layer algorithm as though it’s...
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    One-Answer 4x4 Question Thread

    So, I have gotten to the point where I am almost done with the 4x4 solve. But, there are 2 edges that need switching. And they aren't the front and back edge switch that I easily find algorithms for, these are diagonal edges. I looked up diagonal edge switch algorithms and immediately got one...
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    One-Answer 4x4 Question Thread

    Black powder in the cube? I have had a piece pop out of my 4x4 twice(It wasn't the same piece that popped out though). I always wash my hands after I put the piece back in correctly. But anyway I get this smooth black powder on my hands after putting the piece back in and not after solving...
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    [Help Thread] 4x4 Discussion and Help

    Opposite colors adjacent on 4x4? The white lower left center piece says Rubiks Revenge. I am on the edge pairing step of solving the cube but I have this green blue edge which I believe is not supposed to be there. I have blue yellow edge pieces, blue red edge pieces, blue orange edge pieces...
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    Figuring out the best way to solve a cube in the fewest possible moves I know that for some patterns like the checkerboard it is easy to get it to the pattern and then back to a solved state in less than God's Number. Specifically 12 moves for the checkerboard. I know that for some like the...
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    cube in a cube in a cube not reversible? I succesfully did a cube in a cube in a cube by watching RedKB's video on the cube in a cube in a cube and doing the algorithm. I then tried doing the algorithm a second time and it got my cube into a completely scrambled state, not a cube in a cube...
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    I already know how the cube works from my hundreds of LBL solves. I also have a good memory so the 100 or so CFOP algorithms shouldn't pose a problem as long as I know the notation(like Dw meaning both bottom layers) and have an internet connection in case I forget one of the algorithms.
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    Will CFOP speed up my LBL? I know that LBL is my primary method for solving any size cube but especially 3x3 cubes. I also know that CFOP is an overall faster method even though it has more algorithms than LBL. And I know that most speedcubers that use LBL are fast because of learning...
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    my stickered one can corner cut at a few degrees.
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    3x3 clicking while turning I have a Rubik's 3x3. It clicks while it turns and it doesn't corner cut well and doesn't reverse corner cut at all. It was like this right when I got it as a Christmas present. I think the clicking while turning means it needs some lube but I don't have any...
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    How do you compare to other cubers your age?

    Age: 16 GLOBAL Average: 5 min Method: LBL Gender: Female I have done some CFOP but it is much longer on average than my LBL.
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    Superflip alg not working for me

    Well how come the algorithm worked for you but for me I had to add an R' at the very end for it to work? And yes I know that but since I didn't want to change sides I looked at every face of the cube from the front and for the B face if I look at it from the front clockwise is counterclockwise...
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    Superflip alg not working for me

    I have tried several times to get the superflip knowing that for the B face what looks clockwise is counterclockwise. I did this algorithm without changing sides or anything: U R2 F B R B2 R U2 L B2 R U' D' R2 F R' L B2 U2 F2 This is the superflip algorithm. I never get the superflip when I do...
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    The OLL and PLL of white and middle sides is supposed to work like this: Get all white pieces in top layer Orient and permute them Get all green pieces on green side Orient and permute them(orientation messes up white, permutation fixes white) Do the same for the other 3 middle...