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    Speedstacks Competition Timer and Windows 7

    Downloaded and ran cct-diagnostics-0.1.0 and emailed the results file to the address in the help file. I don't know what kind of wait time I should expect until I get a response so I was wonderring if any of you people can interpret the diagnostic results. The following file can be opened...
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    Speedstacks Competition Timer and Windows 7

    Installing the VMware virtual machine with Win XP home edition worked somewhat. Prisma 0.4 works now, although it is kind of annoying I must still hit "reset" on the stackmat. After much tweeking, CCT 0.9.5 still doesn't accept stackmat inputs.
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    Speedstacks Competition Timer and Windows 7

    For me that doesn't work; both Prisma 0.4 and CCT 0.9.5 are already unzipped. Is your Win 7 the 32 bit version, Cheese11? Right now my plan is to install a virtual machine with Windows XP 32 bit on it, thanks to caartey's suggestion. My hardware test says my machine has what it takes...
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    Speedstacks Competition Timer and Windows 7

    The only way I can get Prisma 0.4 and CCT 0.9.5 to recognize the stackmat is if I connect to the mic port. I have 3 mic ports and tried them all. When either the mics are connected I get 2 options for the mixers, and neither one works. I did have realtek high definition sound manager and...
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    Speedstacks Competition Timer and Windows 7

    My stackmat works with PrismaPuzzleTimer0.4.jar on my laptop loaded with Vista, but I really want to use it with my desktop, instead. The operating system on my desktop is Windows 7 home premium. So far I tried Prisma 0.4 and CCT 0.9.5. On CCT I have the option to play with different...
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    Dayan Lunhui is not competition legal?

    I don't see why you needed to insult me with the thinking remark. When the corners on old models stop short of twisting in place, I stop and don't force them to; that's the limit of their movement. When the corners on the Lunhui model start to seamlessly twist in place like they have...
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    Dayan Lunhui is not competition legal?

    And I wouldn't want to because I would end up with a parity error in the end.
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    Dayan GuHong screw head stripped carries screw and spring sets for about $1.00 plus $3.10 shipping if you live in the US, and they ship product very fast. Alpha and c4y screws will fit in a guhong core, or you could buy a matching core, too, if you want to be safe.
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    Dayan Lunhui is not competition legal?

    With my ultimate guhong and my nonmodified guhong POM, as well as my 2 lingyuns (nonmodified) I can't do this move unless I put some muscle into it and force it. With a Lunhui twisting corners in place is smooth and easy. Tension is set to medium on all.
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    Dayan Lunhui is not competition legal?

    I believe the Dayan Lunhui is not competition legal because the design allows for new moves to be now possible, in violation of WCA regulation 3h): Dayan modified Rubik's cube design to make the corners be freely rotated without any effort...
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    Quite a few questions about lubix lunhui and lubing

    I seriously doubt that lubed your cube if you didn't purchase the $2.25 lube care service.
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    Transparent DaYan Ⅴ- ZhanChi 3x3x3 Magic Cube

    I wonder what the difference will be between the centers of this prototype and the centers of the real deal.
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    Dayan 5 (Zhan Chi) Testing pieces

    There are a few Europe based online puzzle shops out there, but I wouldn't hold my breath until they start carrying the Zhanchi. If you really want it you will most likely need to order it from China; is sure to carry it as soon as it is out. My guess this will happen sometime in...
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    LunHui's Are Now Available at iCubeMart

    I just received my Paypal shipping notification for my preorder. Looks like icubemart received the stock of Lunhuis a few days earlier than expected.
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    Dayan 4 Lunhai text based review

    I honestly prefer the Lingyun over the Guhong. None of my 2 Lingyuns ever pop. I preordered a Lunhui and I will do the same with the Zhanchi