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    How much money have you spent so far on cubing?

    Well, I have no clue how much I spent in the past, I recently got back into cubing. I actually just spent around $60-$70 yesterday on some new stuff though.
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    So, I started speedsolving about 4-5 years ago, and since then, I've been out of the game for a while, about 3 years since I did any big solving. That being said, my collection is a bit outdated, and I wanted to buy a new slew of cubes. I want to buy: a new 2x2 (no clue what to go with here)...
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    Selling a lot of cubes!

    What's the zip code?
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    Calvin's Puzzles - SQ1 & DLitwin SQ2 Testing Thread!

    I'd love to help! Charlie Pugh [email protected]
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    Selling a lot of cubes!

    It is white, but I already have someone interested in it. Sorry!
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    Selling a lot of cubes!

    The Pyraminx is a Mefferts White, and I think the 4x4 is a mini QJ, but I'm not 100% sure. Apparently Lightake doesn't sell QJ 4x4's anymore?
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    Selling a lot of cubes!

    Updated the first post with prices, and I'm not sure on the brands yet. Once I get some time tonight I'll go over them and get pictures up as well.
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    Selling a lot of cubes!

    bump. Update: I have someone who's probably going to buy the 2x2 homer head, and someone who's looking into the 5x5. Everything else is still up for grabs! Message me if you'd like any of them!
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    Selling a lot of cubes!

    So, I've recently gone to college, and I've lost interest in most of my cubes, so I've decided I'm going to sell most of them. I'll probably keep one 3x3, and maybe one or two others, but here's what I'm selling: 2x2 homer simpson head - Make an offer rainbow cube - $8 Black Mf8 Megaminx with...
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    Looking for specific cube sim software

    Hey everyone, a friend of mine recently has had the desire to learn how to solve and instead of finding a tutorial that would be fitting, I wanted to essentially make my own. I know a long time ago I found a java app that essentially let you make a video of an algorithm, it let you gray out...
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    Full Sail Spring Open 2011

    Yeah, I got mine a few weeks ago!
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    Hey Bradley, you messged me a while back about 7x7 spare pieces and I never really got back to...

    Hey Bradley, you messged me a while back about 7x7 spare pieces and I never really got back to you, I was wondering if the offer was still available. I tried PMing you but your inbox is full. lol
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    Rate the Avatar Above You

    If it's a YJ, 4/10. If not, 8/10. lol I'm not a fan of how they took the mech.
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    Racing to sub-20

    Round 91 : Avg : 24.86 (PB!) 23.83, 21.00, 21.18, 26.50, 31.17, 24.63, 24.00, (32.18), 28.33, (20.73), 25.16, 22.76 YES! My first sub - 25 average. lol It was going amazing till the first sup 30. Definately my pv avg5 at the beginning with 23.84 as well. :)
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    What other aspects of life has cubing helped you in...?

    Definately improved my memory. lol Just for fun, I memorized my 11 digit order number from priceline a week ago and it only took me like 10 seconds at the most. And I too was very introverted before cubing, and I too got worse before I got better. I think once you can get past the addiction...