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    ¿Hay cubers que hablen español?

    Me preguntaba si había alguien en los foros que hablara español que estoy tratando de aprender, así que sería genial si pudiera hablar con algunos de ustedes para practicar.
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    Nc cubers willing to staff

    Ohhhhhhhhh. I'm dumb
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    Nc cubers willing to staff

    Any cubers in nc willing to staff at a comp in Goldsboro I'm planning on organizing
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    Finding competition staff

    Please let me know how many people are usually on a comp staff how do I find staff if I don't know a lot of people what does the staff ussualy do and how many people usually scramble every heat of the comp
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    csTimer released

    It might be some sort of virus
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    Skewb pb 1 second flat

    Skewb pb 1 second flat
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    Organizing comps

    Also does anyone know, there is a mandatory one dollar competitor fee or something. Do I have to pay that or is that payed with registration fees and also can i use registration fees to cover delegate travels and staff lunch
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    A cubing club at my school

    That’s actually a good idea. There are several Cubers at my school but me drew and Hayden are the only ones any good but everyone else would just think it’s stupid. But I would probably try and do that when I get to high school.
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    [WR] Tijmen van der Ree - 4.98 Square-1 single

    If that one guy didn’t plus 2 it wouldn’t be a war lol
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    Organizing comps

    There are 0 comps a year in my county
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    Organizing comps

    I emailed candy shields I didn’t know it would cost me like 300 dollars