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    2019 Cubing New Years Resolutions / Goals

    I checked my globals in all of my events from the end of 2017, and then compared them with my current ones: 3x3: I was sub 17, now sub 13 4x4: Sub 2:30, now sub 53 5x5: 4:30 - 1:35 6x6: -- to 3:30 OH: 1:00 - 24 SQ1: None to WR270 Pyra - 17 average to now sub 7 Mega: 3:00 to 1:30 I think I'd...
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    Goals Thread

    Goals for ABHC: 3X3: Get NR100, sub 13 4x4: Make Round 2, sub 1:30 average is a must, and hopefully a sub 1 single 5x5: sub 2 single and sub 2:10 average 6x6: sub 4 average 7x7: sub 8 single OH: break PB average Mega: sub 2 average Pyra: sub 10 average Skewb: meh
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    [WR] Max Hilliard - 3x3BLD Single 17.55

    And a NAR mean
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    ABHC 2018

    Website (WCA) Really excited for this one! (Dont want a competition without a thread after peterbrough)
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    One Answer Hardware Question Thread

    Guys my volt squan has suddenly become incredibly slow to the point where it can barely turn, in the middle of a solve. How to combat this? It feels almost bumpy
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    Weekly Competition 2017-42

    Is Eric lenzton legit? Just saw his insane times
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    Xiaomi Giiker cube

    Thats annoying. I would have liked there to be a way to use these, to the point when they are more common than things like GAN cubes, (should I capitalise the gan?), but it seems like that wont happen then. Still cool though
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    Dominik Gorny SUB 1 pyra!! 0.91, Insane Probably an easy scramble though
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    6x6+ Blindfolded Rankings Thread

    Nah it’s ok But well done to you and the other people on this thread! I can barely so 3BLD in 20 mins, and I hope that one day o can be as good as the people on here!
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    6x6+ Blindfolded Rankings Thread

    Yeah thats great Bill! Next time make sure that you have a 5BLD success before making someone sit for 50 minutes watching you fail Still salty about hastings
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    Full LMCF 3x3 method now available

    I would like the update as well. Can fell E2L be solved intuitively, and for someone trying to get sub 10, what should the 2x2 stage be done in?
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    How big can competitions get?

    I have been thinking about this recently. Currently. euros stands to be the biggest comp ever. It has 4 rounds of 3x3, 2x2, pyra, skewb, 3 rounds of everything else but 6, 7, feet and clock, and just one round of bigBLD and FMC. (I think that there is only one comp with over 1 round of bigBLD...
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    Hastings Open 2018 (UK)

    Yeah. Thanks a lot Charlie, Harry and Rob. It was a really well-organised comp even if I dnfed on way too many solves
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    Selling Huge Cube Collection $320

    I would recommend you allowing people to buy cubes individually
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    Goals Thread

    How can you have a 5 but not a 4 BLD success