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    What's your PB 3x3 single?

    5.96 while warming up at a comp. LL skip.
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    How to Solve a 15 Puzzle Blindfolded

    In case anyone wants to try this out!
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    Bobby d'Angelo: Solving a 15 Puzzle Blindfolded 6:05.95

    Ah, I had kept typing in "15 Puzzle Blindfolded" and nothing had come up. When I type in "15 Puzzle BLD" I see the video from Osipov Aleksander.
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    Bobby d'Angelo- Cubing at the Highest Point of 10 New York State Counties

    A few months ago I posted a video of myself highpointing 10 U.S. states. This is a compilation of some "hiking" I did 2-3 years ago in which I summited 10 different counties in the state of New York.
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    Bobby d'Angelo- Cubing at the Highest Point of 10 U.S. States

    I decided to combine my two favorite hobbies, hiking and cubing, a few years ago. This has been a fun challenge and I hope I can do more states in the near future!
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    [AsR] 2.06 2x2 average - Yinghao Wang

    Amazing job!! Congratulations. By the way, I'm curious. Is it common in Chinese competitions for the competitor to take off the cube cover instead of the judge?
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    Newark Head to Head 2013

    My sister =P
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    [Unofficial] Maskow: Multiblindfold 24/24, 36:42.49

    This is absolutely amazing!!!
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    Manhattan Competition? (NYC)

    I would definitely go.
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    Judging multiple people simultaneously

    What is the maximum number of competitors one person can judge at one time? I don't see any regulation about this, and I have seen judges simultaneously supervise up to 3 competitors at once. It would seem that the judge's attention would be too divided to properly look over all of the solves...
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    Brown Cubing Day 2012

    I got a 10.27 on the solve mike got a 9.96 on, and we had 100% identical solutions.
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    2011 Forum Awards

    Haha thanks That70sShowDude for the nomination. I really don't post on here a lot, credibility on the forums seems to solely go by 'number of posts,' and I was always too lazy to post a lot to earn credibility. Maybe I'll post a video of my Luke Bruce impression!
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    Full Sail Spring Open 2011

    Got my medals. =)
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    River Hill Spring 2011

    =( I would love to come, I had so much fun at River Hill Fall, but unfortunately June 18th is my high school graduation.