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    Drill Sergeant GUI: A PLL drilling program

    I'm tempted to take this offline since it's probably not interesting to others, but on the off chance... rev_cube_string() is an unusual function in that it takes a string as an argument *but* it returns a list as it's result. Why? Because you pretty much always find algs printed as...
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    Drill Sergeant GUI: A PLL drilling program

    Ah ha CLL. I don't do the 2x2x2 cube so I didn't know the term. I think it's great that you modified it to suit your own needs and now you've got it working properly too. Cool. :) Your options screen saving the settings is something I was playing with, but never implemented. Yours works...
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    Drill Sergeant GUI: A PLL drilling program

    ^ CLL? Do you mean OLL? Did you modify the code to reverse the scrambles for all 57 OLLs? Maybe I'm misunderstanding. I'll be honest; it's been over a year since I last touched this and I only produced the windows executable so that people could more easily install and use the program. No...
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    8355 - Problems with last 5 corners

    I didn't know this cycle was a multiple of 6. Interesting. When I first read this several weeks ago I didn't understand what you meant at all. But it's been on my mind ever since and a few days ago something made sense and I did some experiments. Now I get it! In terms of explaining...
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    8355 - Problems with last 5 corners

    Interesting Cride, that you do the last 5 step with the 4 unsolved corners in the D layer. Following the original material, I do it with those corners in the U layer. I guess your R U R' U' is faster than my R' D' R D. I'd have to play with your "upside down" method to wrap my head around it...
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    What do I need to practice on? Speecube Newbie asking for tips

    People here harp on the cross a lot. Yours definitely can be substantially improved, but I think your F2L will give you just as big, if not a bigger improvement in your times. Specifically for F2L: 1. I notice that if you have a pair made in the U layer, you like to insert it into one of...
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    Help with cubesmith tiles

    Damon has a really good point too, and I forgot to add it to my instructions. You definitely want to clean off the tile and the cubie before you try to re-glue the tile in place. Alcohol works fairly well. Goo Gone works better if you have lots of adhesive left over. 3M spray adhesive...
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    Help with cubesmith tiles

    Maybe you mean one of your blue tiles is coming loose from the cube surface? I've had this happen with several of mine, most from my finger nails hooking the tile and eventually bending them and pulling them up. Another from having something pressed against the tile in a hot car sitting in the...
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    M and M'

    The notation for slices and x, y, z make no sense. They aren't based on anything mathematical or even consistent. Yes, I understand their definitions, but there is nothing intuitive about them at all. Very arbitrarily defined. Brian.
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    [Unofficial] Average 3 of 5: 18.92, need suggestions

    It's humble of you to say you're slow, but be real. Your times are amazing. You can probably get better with advice from those who are faster, or just with practice and insight that you figure out yourself. But you are WAY faster than most cubers will ever be. I've been cubing for over a...
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    Various questions on 3x3x3 cube

    1. From what I've read I'd guess you are left hand dominant, or at least your left index finger is better at turning the U face than your right index finger. Practice will help unless you're doing something totally different with your left doing U' turns than with your right when doing U...
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    for 2 look pll why do u only need 1 corner cycle

    As several have said, there are definitely sites that list both algs, and once you move on a bit, you are going to want to know both. That being said, here's why some systems only teach you one of the corner cycles: By following a mindless rule, you can always position the top layer such...
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    PLL step

    I think cube rotations *are* inherently slow. That being said, in many algs with rotations there are "tricks". This usually means that as you are doing a rotation, you are actually doing a face turn at the same time. This is VERY difficult to show properly with notation, so you might totally...
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    What is a pll skip..

    Let me try to shed some light: In some solving methods, the last layer is solved in two basic steps: 1. Spin or flip the last layer cubies so that they all have the same color showing on top. They won't all be in the right places, but they'll all be "oriented" properly since they all...
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    Oll and Pll question

    For OLLs: Some are inverses of each other. For example, Sune and Anti-Sune are inverses, so you can do one and then the other, allowing you to practice both. There are a number of other less obvious inverses, but I don't know full OLL, so I don't know them all; only the ones with all edges...